New York Trip (Feb 2010)

So I had an opportunity to travel to New York city and I took it :)

This city is absolutely fascinating. One can actually feel the pulse of the city and I have raved and clapped numerous times about New York here and here. But on this trip I have had some bad experiences.

I mean Mr. Bus Driver, I did not see the disabled man trying to leave the bus and there was no need for you to shout at me and my daughter to “stop blocking the way”. Ms. Dog Owner if you want space to walk your dog please take it to a park. Don’t expect me to take a bow because “your dog needs space too” on the pavement.

And my favourite, Mr. Cyclist. I know you earn pittance delivering food around the city and the faster you go, the more money you could make. But as a pedestrian I have the right of way and you were out of line shouting at me. BTW, next time, be a man and stop if you want to argue and not run away. I am pretty sure that the nasty weather had some role to play in it. It is quite cold and snowy and slippery and generally gloomy here in NYC at the moment.

But that will not stop me from loving this city. Every gloomy and bad experience can be blown away by a scintilating walk (on the one sunny day) by the lake on central park, by meeting good friends from one’s teen years, from having the best pecan tart with awesome coffee at a small cafe, walking on the streets of NYC with Rhea, my daughter who was using our umbrella to make sure her Barbie did not get wet.

New York, even in the throes of winter, you continue to rock!!! I salute you.

One thought on “New York Trip (Feb 2010)

  1. Jennifer Pohl June 3, 2010 / 11:27 am

    My memories of New York: I gave a hotdog sellar a ten dollar bill by mistake (with all the US bills looking much the same compared to Canadian money) and he argued with me to take my change back. I also gave up bum a canadian loonie by mistake and he said “what the *f* am I meant to do with this?

    There are nice people… and crime has plummeted there in the last decade or so. Plus the MOMA and MET where I could sit down and cry for joy.

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