Debonair? No
Outspoken? Not Really
Worships? Definitely Not
Loves family? Some Of Them
Loves friends? Some Of Them
Loves work? Some Of It
Sports? Ok, There Is Something I Worship
Canada? Greatest Country On Earth
India? Aspiring To Be The Greatest But A Few Light Years Away From Canada
US? On A Downward Slope
Britney Spears? Totally Exploited
The Greatest Band On Earth? Still Trying To Decide
Hollywood? Totally Rocks….OK, Sometimes
Bollywood? Rocks…..Sometimes

2 thoughts on “About

  1. lesley February 23, 2009 / 5:43 pm


    I am writing a story about the reaction of young south Asian women in Toronto to the Pink Chaddi campaign in India. Would you or others you know be interested in talking to me?

    Lesley Ciarula Taylor
    Toronto Star

  2. girlsguidetosurvival December 3, 2009 / 1:58 am

    Ms Taylor,


    Feel free to contact me on my blog. We can discuss the details of your project.


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