My Favourite Albums Of The Decade

So. Will of Will’s Band Of The Week, set out an exercise for the members contributing to the podcast : List out your top 10 albums of the decade 2010s.

I will not get into the conversations as to when does the decade start. That’s a whole other discussion. The parameters were list your top 10 from 2010 to 2019.

At first I was against this idea. Top 10 of decade means a deep dive into all the albums for last 10 years!! That’s insane. But it got stuck in my head like a fly. Buzzing over my thoughts day in day out. So I finally gave in.

Here is my list of top 10.

2WaxahatcheeIvy Tripp
3Courtney BarnettSometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit
4RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool
5The Chemical BrothersHANNA
7Leonard CohenYou Want It Darker
8The BethsFuture Me Hates Me
9Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Denial
10Bob DylanTempest

Here is the podcast link :

For those looking for the list, you can stop here. For those interested in knowing how I generated the list, let’s carry on.

I have been doing top 10 lists for a few years now and it was always a fun but a cumbersome project. This time I decided to make my life easier. I wanted to just enter the name of the album, enter some numbers and get my top 10.

Here are my controls :

Ranking : Is obvious

Artist / Album : are obvious

Highlight Song : My favourite song in the album

Songs I Loved In The Album : How many songs I really really liked

Total Songs In The Album : obvious

Songs Liked (Weighting) : Since number of songs varies in the albums (some have 20 songs and some have 5), I calculate a percentage.

Extra Weighting Based on Songs Liked : This is an argument I had with myself. We live in an era where emphasis is paid on a song and not the whole album. Hence I wanted to credit an album where I “liked” more songs than a certain threshold.

So, if the “Songs I Liked (Weighting)” is 8 or more, I gave an extra nudge. I increased the weighting by 50%. Hence the score under “Extra weighting” will become 12 or more.

If “Songs I Liked (Weighting)” is 5 and less than 8, I increased the weighting score by 25%. Hence the score under “Extra Weighting” will being 6.25 to 8.75.

This came in handy as the number of albums on my list numbered more than 50. You will see from my list that the higher ranked ones, universally, have a very high percentage of songs I have liked.

Lyrics Rating (out of 10) : I gave a score out of 10 for the lyrics. I am a lyrics guy. The song needs to explain (or at least attempt to explain) the meaning. So if an album can kind of “sync” with my thought process lyrically, I gave it a high score. There are a lot of amazing albums out there but they were lower in the list specifically because of this criteria.

Case in point St. Vincent’s album from 2014 titled St. Vincent. Lyrically I find it incomprehensible. It got a score of 5.45 under this criteria.

Music Rating (out of 10) : Music is the key. Music is everything. Music raises your heart to heavens and shows the true meaning of your life. So the music on the album needs to give me the “chills”, gives me a conduit to the mind and “soul” of the musician and with those sounds, we become brothers/sisters. For a few moments.

And there you have it. My method of coming up with the silly little algorithm. It’s stupid but I like it.

Caveat : This system is HEAVY on your subjective mind and thought process. The number I used to rate music is essentially what I “feel” about it. And feeling has no scientific basis. Same goes with lyrics.

And that’s that.

Under Lock Down

So. How’s life under this lock down?

It’s all so new. It’s all so weird. And yes, it’s all too scary and real. Actually, let me scratch that. It’s not real yet. I think it will get really “real” when someone we know get the virus.

In the meantime we are doing what we can to lock ourselves down. The most hardcore person in our family is my daughter. Has only gone out to walk the dog. Nothing else. Wife has taken over the lead role as the grocer / shopper of the household. She is a dentist and has been asked to not work at all except emergencies. So far, she has been handled those scenarios via the phone. She is going crazy with boredom. She wants to work, she can work but has been told by the authorities, STAY HOME!

In my case, I have been working from home since 2012 so this is not new to me. The only thing new to me is that the house is always “full”. There is always someone or the other barging into my room. Wife / daughter always assume that I am available to do shit like “can you take the garbage out?” / “the tv is not working” / “can you clean some of the big utensils?” I love them to bits but come on! Am working!

Our daily routine is fairly common for suburbia. Day starts at 7AM and ends around 10PM. In between there is critical decisions like what to eat for lunch and dinner. Should we drink tonight or not? Should we take dog out for a longish walk or just around the block? Should I go for a run? Which tv series should we start watching?

Work has been insane lately! Am not sure where the work is coming from given that the global economy has slowed down substantially. Projections are at -3%!! IMF is estimating a loss of $9 trillion!! (visualize this : $1 million stacked up with $100 bills will be 1 m high. $1 billion stacked up with $100 bills will be 1 km high. $1 trillion stacked up with $100 bills will be 1,015 km high. Yes, someone did the calculation). So that is a very, very big number. Regardless, the company I work for is chugging along at a high speed. I sometimes have to stay up till midnight to meet with teams in China and HK for conferences. I am expecting there to be a slowdown in my work, eventually. But at the moment, it’s all-work-no-play mode here.

We did have a holiday in Feb just before the lock down. In hindsight, thank god we took that vacation else we would have gone mad by now. We went to St. Lucia with our friends for 7 days. Could not have asked for a better vacation. Sun, sand and friends. Had tonnes of fun.

That’s it for now. Let’s see if this quarantine will lead to more posts. Here are some recent pictures of the family and friends.

Halifax Trip

We love our neighbors.

Since our move to the neighborhood, we have steadily morphed from friendly neighbors to good friends.

We have out together all the time. Try new restaurants. Exchange good with each other all the time. Jump into each other’s hot tub or swimming pool. Go on vacations.

The last vacation was to Joanne’s home town Halifax.

Sure we chose the wrong month to go. It was COLD!!

But when you are with friends, everything is amazing.

On our way!

Phone therapy after the flight

On the boat to downtown Halifax.

Jo and Diane.

One of the stops during Joanne’s tour

Taking shelter from the brutal rain and wind

Yes. It was very cold!

Yes. There were lunatics oyster fishing

Simon. The photographer.

Bob and Diane. I know exactly what Bob’s hand is doing. The pervert.

Jo and Pre drunk Simon

In Halifax to celebrate Bob’s birthday

At the infamous Lower Deck

Bob’s birthday

Bob was everywhere


Old as shit

Waking in Jo’s neighborhood

Had a great time in Halifax.


So I have shun the social websites.

The unfortunate consequences of that has been that I have cut off my family and friends.

So, I will post randomly here and hope that my fabulous savvy family members will share with everyone one.

Comments are open and your feedback is always appreciated.

Here are some pictures of a recent wedding we attended.

A rare sight. Rhea in a dress!!

The love of my life.

Mehendi time.

The family

10 Songs That Define Radiohead (For Me)


Would I have paid any attention to the subsequent work by Radiohead without this song? As much as the band may hate my answer, no. I probably would not have cared (at least until OK Computer).

I still remember the chills this song created. Absolutely thrilling. It may have lost the lustre over the years but this is the song that put Radiohead on the map. It’s their legacy and they cannot escape it as much as they might want to.

Paranoid Android

Please could you stop the noise
I’m trying to get some rest
From all the unborn chicken voices in my head

And with this song, Radiohead elevated themselves, in my eyes, to rock gods.

The way the song maneuvers in and out various segments going from a hard rock to a soft melody and then back to a hard rock is done with the finesse of a painter delicately painting a masterpiece.


Everything In It’s Right Place

The switch in the music for a band that is at the top of it’s game is very very risky. Only bands like Beatles or Pink Floyd have come out of this transition with flying colours. And we can add Radiohead to that list.

The first time I heard this song it was jarring. “This can’t be Radiohead!!!”. “Are they selling out?”

But the haunting sounds of their record Kid A starting from “Everything….” were too addictive to ignore for long.


Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Cracked eggs, dead birds
Scream as they fight for life
I can feel death, can see its beady eyes

I think of this song that began the transition of Radiohead from a run of the mill rock band to mega stars.


There There

After Kid A and Amnesiac, it was refreshing to hear Radiohead pick up their guitars. Very very hard not to air drum to this song.


True Love Waits

Some sage advice from these poets.

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave



The song builds and builds to the point where it seems even the band wants to take a break and soothes the music to a beautiful bridge.


 This song was never going to be in my list. Only after listening to it again a few days ago, it but me, this is one of the most “perfect” songs by Radiohead. 

House Of Cards

 If you want to listen to a beautiful song that is both visually and sonically mesmerizing, this is it.

A Wolf At The Door

 Took me forever to decide the final song for this list.

Lyrically this song is meaningless. 

But the play of the words and the music and Thom’s voice is so intricate and yet so beautiful that you can do nothing but admire the band that came up with the song. 


Trip To Paris

The family visited Paris in last week of July. The trip was outstanding to say the least. Perfect weather. Crowded but not too much(I don’t think terrorism has impacted the tourism much. Especially people from China). Friendly people (for the most part. We did experience some famous French pouting).

Here are some pictures.

Paris Jul 20161
Charu and Rhea exhausted after a trip to Versailles

Paris Jul 20163
Resting at Eiffel Tower

Paris Jul 20164
View from our room.

Paris Jul 20165
These were everywhere!

Paris Jul 20166
Notre Dame

Paris Jul 20167
On the hop-on hop-off bus

Paris Jul 20168
At Sacre Coeur

Paris Jul 20169
Arc De Triomphe

Paris Jul 201610
Jardin Du Luxembourg

Paris Jul 201611
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Check out the trees.

Paris Jul 201612
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Charu fighting with Rhea

Paris Jul 201613
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Rhea thinks she looks dumb

Paris Jul 201614
At Versailles.

Paris Jul 201615
At Versailles. Garden at the back.

Paris Jul 201616
At Versailles. The main view.

Paris Jul 201617
Used metro quite a lot. Excellent service.

Paris Jul 201618
At Lourve.

Paris Jul 201619
Rhea trying a new look.

Paris Jul 201620
On our way to the top

Paris Jul 201621
A look from the bottom.

Paris Jul 201622
Walking tour. The best part of the trip.

Paris Jul 201623
Both very skeptical about the different kinds of cheeses.

Paris Jul 201624
Walking through the small streets.

Paris Jul 201625
Rhea refused to play with the bubbles. Until they came her way :)

Paris Jul 201626
Found a great Thai place. My goofy was goofing off.

Paris Jul 201627
Selfies galore!

Paris Jul 201628
Last day. Waiting at the Metro.

Paris Jul 201629
Security was intense. Soldiers everywhere.

Paris Jul 201630
My baby.

Paris Jul 201631
On a bridge along Seine river.

Paris Jul 201632
The sleepy head was always catching a nap.

Paris Jul 201633
Just walking about along Seine river.

Paris Jul 201634
Fries and Algae juice.

Paris Jul 201636
Napolean’s tomb.

Paris Jul 201637
Cruising along river Seine.

Paris Jul 201638
Rhea was exhausted by day 5.

Paris Jul 201640
It was a fabulous trip. Love you Paris!


Runner’s Egos

So during my long run this Sunday I was about to cross a family with a little child planning on the path.

The father yells out “Hayley, get aside and let this jogger through”

WTF!! I wanted to yell back “I am not a jogger. I am a runner”.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Updates On My Life

Ok. Lets try this again.

Life has been relatively steady. Summer is finally here and once it gets here you suddenly realise that you are not a “heat” person anymore. If the temperature ticks to 25.00001 C, my sweat pores open up like a runaway faucet and I yearn for some cold air.

Went golfing with the neighbour boys on Tuesday and each time I play golf I realise I really love it. And then forget about it for a few months. Am sure it will be no different this time.

Running has been steady. Am no Robin, but am putting in about 35 to 40 KM a week. Am pushing to double it by September. Planning a couple of marathons later in the year. Ran Around The Bay in April which was strangely my worst and best run. Worst because I have never in my life felt so cold. Was severely under-dressed for the run. Best because I finally beat the 3:00 hour mark. Finished the run in 2:59:14 hours. Really proud of it.

Work has been good. Work mostly from home although I have a preference to work from office. I find I am more productive at office. No distractions and working from home is a drain on the will power.

Daughter has been growing a breakneck speed. She is going to be 13 this year. And what does this teen want? A dog. Oh my god!! She is relentless. I have given in and my wife is almost there. Looks like we will be getting a doggy in the house.

What else?

Well, there is music.

The fairly tale story is of course Maggie Rogers. I think the whole world has seen this clip of Pharrell’s reaction to her song.

I find the video so adorable because for the first half of the song she kept glancing at Pharrell to gauge his reaction but she could not read his expressions until finally he gave her the gracious nod. Then she just beams! And the song is fantastic. Hope to hear some good things from this young woman.

More music reviews coming up.

Well, hope to see you all soon on this page. Will try to get it active again.

First Weekend Of Spring

Finally. We can finally say it’s spring!

Made the most of it today.


At Waterloo Park.


Freesbee time.



Some were recovering from a night of heavy partying.


Some were being babied.


Some were being used as a couch.


Lounging around. Totally lazy day.


And now time to relax some more and read.

What a great weekend.

Sumesh’s 50th Birthday


Rhea’s new picture pose.


She is now bored.


All smiles. From left to right…. Nutty, Suman, Charu and no-idea.


Charu, Rhea and Suman


Best friends


Something really really funny happened.


All formal and “quiet”


Suman and kids


Dance moves by Rhea – Robot like.


Totally Robot like.


Charu’s snake dance


Bored? Happy? Can’t tell.

Running (11 Jan – 17 Jan)

Not the best effort this week. I’d give myself B-.

Total : 27.5

12 Jan : 7.2 KM @ 6.38 min/KM
13 Jan : 5.3 KM @ 6.42 min/KM
14 Jan : Jillian Michaels work out
15 Jan : 4 KM @ 6.43 min/KM
17 Jan : 10.9 KM @ 6.29 min/KM

All were on treadmill. I did venture out on the 17th but after I landed on my butt after. 5 KM I thought best to shift to treadmill.

Recent updates

So we were invited to lohri (a South Asian celebration of end of winter) in Mississauga. Not sure why we celebrate it here in January. That’s smack in the middle of winter of Canada. Thankfully the weather cooperated (thank you El Niño!!) and we were able to spend a few minutes outside.


Yes this was happening in the garage. Don’t worry the doors were open and I was told fire extinguishers were close by.


Rhea had fun.


Lots of singing of traditional songs


Jolly bhaiyya (a close family friend in purple jersey) was in total “entertainment” form. Leading the singing.


Our gracious co-hosts.

Running (4th Jan – 10th Jan)

Running last week was mostly a treadmill affair. I have a love hate relationship with the dread-mill. I love the controlled runs on the machine. I hate the controlled runs on the machine.

Total 18.10km for the week.

My treadmill of 14 years is finally showing signs of old age. I am debating on getting a new one. Or maybe go to the gym which will force me to stick to a schedule.

What do you think?

My Top 10, 2015 Albums

Here we go!!

10)  Elvyn (Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour)

A very CSN&Y like sound guarantees you will instantly like this band. Each song is a hit in my books. Here is one of my favourite “AM” (if you dont have Google Play then hopefully they will let you sample) :

Elvyn – AM


9) Sufijan Stevens (Carrie and Lowell)

What a sad, sad album. His pain on his relationship with  his mother just sprinkled all over. The, mostly, first person account of this very intimate album is difficultl to go through but it is very rewarding. This song showcases the album very nicely “John, My Beloved”


8) Ryley Walker (Primrose Green)

Van Morrison is back!! In the form of Ryley Walker. Some albums just walk into your life without you paying much attention to it and then later you listen and wonder why you did not welcome it with open arms.

The guitar work is astounding on this album. He proved it again by releasing an instrumental album with Bill MacKay.

Here is a the title track from Primrose Green :

7) Torres  (Sprinter)

Another album that is very intimate on my top 10. Her voice ranges from the soft and sweet to vicious and full of rage. Beautiful album! Here is the most powerful of the songs from the album ” Strange Hellos”

6) Public Service Broadcasting (The Race For Space)

Excellent concept album from the British duo. One of the few albums that I switched on and did not stop until the album ended. The album essentially details the race for space from Sputnik to the landing on the moon. I love this album because growing up, the space race to an Indian kid with zero outlets, was just fascinating.

Here is a song about one of my heroes Yuri Gagarin.

5) Thee Oh Sees (Mutilator Defeated At Last)

Have always loved this band and have taken their eclectic and dissonance and their inexplicable sounds in stride. However, this new album took me by surprise. Tight, excellent production value and loud! Loved it!

4) Faith Healer (Cosmic Troubles)

The first thing I really liked about the album was the way the vocals remind me of a lazy river. Soft, luscious and faint ripples in pitch here are there. The music and the production on this album are spot on. My favourite song is Cannonised but let’s play “No Car”, the hit.

3) Coutney Barnett

Man, this woman will never able t live down this album. What a debut! Courtney is the female version of Lou Reed, albeit a funnier version. I was hooked from “Pedestrian At Best”. However, that song has been played to death, so lets listen to “Dead Fox”

2) Girl Pool (Before The World Was Big)

What can two really young girls with only a guitar and bass create? An absurd sound that means nothing? Nope. Sublime music that clearly states to the world that they are two young women and on the precipice of adulthood. It’s right there in the title of the album. A really short album (22 minutes) but a powerful one. I keep telling my daughter that I hope that she grows to have such a sound. She ignored my plea, she is still into Taylor Swift. This Tiny Desk Concert of Girlpool is really good. Give it a listen.

1) Waxahatchee (Ivy Tripp)

The first time I heard this album I knew it would be one that I would be going back to again and again. This album has everything, emotions, intensity, soundscapes that range from soft to jangle to hard. The album seems to represent her stance and her emotions in the face of an unknown future. My favourite album of the year. Well done Waxahatchee.



Running And Me

Running in my life is constant. As in :

– Constantly telling myself to run a bit longer.

– Constantly telling myself to run faster.

– Constantly ignoring my running while drinking beer.

These weeks I am averaging 20KM a week. Way down down from around 40KM a month ago. Don’t know what happened. Just slumped.

Treats from the neighbours do not help. Look at this plate of deliciousness.


Yes. That is a bottle of wine. One of the many consumed that night.

I think it’s a lack of discipline. And lack of will power.

Got to fix it.

These are the days to run here in Ontario before everything turns to white. Look at this picture from one of the trails I took.


And this.


So, I plan to record my running here. I am making a spreadsheet (why? Because i am a project manager and that’s all I know) and put it here to record it more formerly.

I am a big fan of but the data was very bland. I will go back there again because the social element is amazing!!

Have bought a nice new toy (Garmin 220) and plan to use it as much as possible.

Anyway, here is what I did last week.

Monday (12-October) : 6.6 km
Tuesday (13-October) : had to go to downtown
Wednesday (14-October) : 6.2 Km
Thursday (15-October) : 5.2 km
Friday (16-October) : Oktoberfest!!! Had a blast!
Saturday (17-October) : recovery day but managed 6.1 km
Sunday (18-October) : 11.59 km

Total : 35.69 km

Wait, that’s more than 20km. Woo hoo!

Let’s see what happens this week.

Ontario’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Hello my 2 or 3 followers. How have you been? Here is my upteenth atempt and upping my follower count to at least 5.

So there has been a lot of noise lately about the newly introduced Health and Physical Education in the province of Ontario. I had ignored it up till today. Considering that my daughter will be directly impacted, I thought let me look into this issue.

My main concern is the reason behind the change. Why was it done?

Turns out the previous curriculum  has been in place since 1998 (elementary schools).  That’s not too recent right? Actually, it is far too old. Do you know what has happened since 1998? Digital revolution!

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Myspace
  • Myspace died
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • On and on and on.

Man, I bet you have upgraded your car twice since 1998.

Well, turns out the government thinks so too. So our civil service did what any “civil” service would do, research the hell out of it. The research culminated in April 2010 (link) but it’s finding were quickly quashed and key sections relating to health and sex were blown away :

In April 2010, after misinformation was used to attack the Human Development and Sexual Health section of the elementary health and physical education (H&PE) curriculum, the Ministry of Education withdrew that portion of the document. A few months later, they also backed away from releasing the secondary H&PE curriculum. Ever since, teachers have been using all or part of a 15-year-old document 1998 (elementary) and 1999/2000 (secondary) to teach sexual health and all other components of the grades 9-12 H&PE curriculum which is now out-of-date and well behind the standards set in other provinces.

After much deliberation (read : political haggling) on 23-Feb-2015, the government revealed the new Health and Physical Education curriculum. The idea behind the new curriculum was to update it for “today’s child”. The key aspects of it are <Link> :

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.59.45 PM

Benign so far!

Well, as it turns out, the civil service/government and scientists and public health agencies and studies from WHO and studies from UN and parents and students have produced sufficient evidence that Ontario is severely lagging in the area of sex education (Link).

Here is a quick comparison with other provinces under Sexual Diversity.

Given that all students, including those from families with same-sex parents, should see themselves reflected in what they learn at school, references to families with same-sex parents or sexual orientation and gender identity were included in expectations, examples and/or prompts at all divisions (primary, junior and intermediate). In subjects across provincial curricula, diversity, mutual understanding and empathy are encouraged and celebrated.

Ontario’s 1998 Curriculum Grade 8 : distinguish the similarities and differences between themselves and others (e.g., in terms of body size or gender)

2010 Revised Ontario Curriculum (now part of the 2015 curriculum) requires students in grade 3 to describe how visible and invisible differences make each person unique (including sexual orientation) and identify ways of showing respect for differences in others.

Notice how in the new curriculum, it is in grade 3 that students should identify the differences in sexual orientation. While in the older curriculum, this was taught in grade 8? This is astonishing. My daughter, a 12 year old, would be taught now that there are people out there with different sexual identity. A fact that she has already learnt from books/tv/talking to peers. Utter bullshit.

This is but one example. Another one that really scares me is that although teen pregnancy has dropped significantly, STIs have increased 79% in from 2001 to 2011 (link). This is really scary. So children and teens are careful not to get pregnant but are not careful enough to avoid STIs. This is a simple WTF. It was found out that kids and teens are regularly indulging in oral and anal sex as a misguided attempt at not getting pregnant. This is crazy. Thankfully, that gap will be closed by teaching the kids in grade 8 the dangers of this kind of thinking.

So why are some citizens up in arms about the new curriculum?

Their core argument boils down to : let kids be kids. But there is no mistake. This is a fight between research based curriculum and religious dogma.

The people protesting are headed by Campaign Life Coalition (a rabid anti-abortion group). And heavily helped by conservatives in the society.

I would urge you to spend 30 minutes and read this document (link) which clearly lists down what is being taught and why.

To me the idea behind the change is to bring the Physical and Health education standard upto to 21 century where kids experiment with sex no matter what the parent say. It is better to prepare them for the consequences in a classroom setting than the dinner table.

Updates to follow.

Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon

This is a book released by Kim Gordon, one of the founding members of the, now extinct, band, Sonic Youth. She is labelled the epitome of coolness, the harbinger of unstated sexuality, one of the first indie feminist songstress.

But the book proves all that to be untrue. From the book it is obvious that she is a very shy person who has been dominated by strong personalities throughout her life. From her schizophrenic older brother to her band mate and husband, Thruston Moore. In between these two relationship we come to know her relationships between her parents, partners, musicians and other artists who have played an influential role in her life.

The book is a straightforward account of her life from childhood. Not some earth shattering revelation but just a story of a person whose public perceptions mask a sensitive and an endearing person. She highlights her issues, her desires and her thinking behind each of her project be they songs from Sonic Youth or her numerous art and fashion projects.

I found her to be quite an interesting person which prompted me to do what I usually never ever do….. Learn more about a person I consider one of my heroes.

I started to look for her interviewees and other articles. Here is my favourite :

But as someone said “never know your heroes too well, they will disappoint”. And she definitely did. Her fascination with astrology and everything ” spiritual ” really put me off. I mean, come on!! She is obviously an intelligent person but this interview proves that she is a little bonkers. I watched it for 20 minutes and had to switch it off.

Other than that, the book is a great opportunity to learn about one of the minds behind the iconic band. Kim Gordon may be the queen of cool but she is just another person.

Highly recommended for the fans of Sonic Youth. Mildly recommended for non fans.

My Top 10 Albums Of 2014

My top 10 albums of the year. 

10) Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me! 

Literally an album about being a transgender. The band is headed by a woman (formally a man) who went through all that she sings about. Except for the song “Osama bin Laden as the Crucified Christ” which is an odd song in the list and I would have been dismissed out right if not for a killer guitar line and powerful sound. What a song! 


9) Ultravoilence by Lana Del Ray 

Finally found that dark brooding sound that she has been looking for… probably helped that Dan Auerbach produced the album. Eagerly waiting for her next album. Hope she kicks it up a notch. 


8) Thrash Rock Legacy by Mounties 

A perfect summer record. A Canada indie supergroup which I honestly thought would fall flat on its face. But they really pulled it off and their sing “Headphones ” is my song of the year. 


7) To be Kind by Swans 

I will be honest, I have not heard the full album in one sitting. The album is more than 2 hours long!! But each song is sublime with angst and emotions embroiled within the music.


6) Alvvays by Alvvays 

Another pop wonder this year. One of the few albums that my daughter likes (that is on this list). The one thing I really liked about this album was how the sweet innocent voice was laced with ironic and sexy lyrics. Hope this band does well. 


5) Make My Head Sing by Jessica Lea Mayfield 

Shows what you can do with delicate vocals and loud guitar riffs. Love it! 


4) Popular Problems by Leonard Cohen 

Man, never thought I would have Leonard Cohen’s album in my top 10 once he hit 80 years of age. But what a powerful album from the versatile singer. When you compare his first album “Songs Of Leonard Cohen” from 1967 and “Popular Problems” in 2014, you will notice the massive change in his singing style. Excellent album. 


3) Love by Amen Dunes 

Got this album on a whim and have not stopped listening to ever since it was released. I loved it so much that I bought the vinyl and played that over and over again. Reminds me a lot of Van Morrison’s works. Spacey, hazy and, on song, surprisingly loud. 


2) Manipulator by Ty Segall 

25 year old and 8 album (not including multiple collaborations)!! I don’t think this musician is ever going to worry about burn out. With this album, Ty Segall has really elevated his music. A little less noisy than his previous albums (therefore, more accessible?) and the songs all have a melodies. Something I have not seen on his previous albums. Started listening to it when NPR was streaming the album and still am listening it on the vinyl I bought. 


1) St. Vincent 

Strange, weird, in-coherent. That’s what I initially thought. That is until, I forced myself to “listen” to the album. From the first song the journey into her album has been illuminating and wonderful. This is by far the best album of the year. 

This is a fun exercise and I look forward to it all the time. Here are my past “top 10 albums” links :





(Looks like I skipped 2012)

03November2014 : Top 5 Albums Of The Week

This week’s top 5 albums are :

1) Jessica Lea Mayfield (Make My Heart Sing)

You in the mood for minimalist sound mixed with brash guitar work all show casing one of the sweetest voice? Then give this album a try. Stunning comes to mind. From the crunching “Oblivious” to the beautiful “Standing in The Sun” to the emotional “Party Drugs”. This is one musician I will definitely see live!

2) Foxygen (…. And Star Power)

Their 2013 “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic” was a masterpiece and I assumed that everything they did after that would be an ode to that album. Boy, was I wrong! “….. And Star Power”. Even though the first thought that came to my mind after listening to 82 minutes of eclectic, vintage, jumbled sounds was “Ostentatious”, the album is brilliant. There are numerous riffs and tunes to keep you satisfied. Moreover, the weirdness of the album is what I really love. You never know what you are going to get in the next 10 seconds. A totally un-formulaic album. Highly recommended!

3) Library Voices (For John)

This is a band that really surprised me. The last album was ho hum affair so I switched on this album thinking it will be the same like last one. The first song ” Some Mezcal Morning” proved to me otherwise. A slow, lush, bluesy and a melodious song that opens an album which proves that the group had gone through a radical change. I remember the previous album was some pop sounding, bouncy piece of work which one forgets after one listen. But this one is a wonderful album.

Unfortunately this is the only link I found. Hope you have Google Music

Some Mezcal Morning

4) Alvvays (Alvvays)

In an alternate universe this album would be at the top of the charts. Brilliant!!

5) Allo Darlin’ (We Come from the Same Place)

Another sophisticated pop album from the band that seems not want to change a winning formula. Either way.  Excellent album.