Rosie Dimanno : Wilful Ignorance

So Rosie Dimanno has another article on The Star.

The article is basically a “history” lesson on what happened in Afghanistan since 2001. She explains how Taliban has been routed and since they do not hold any territory, they are finished and the insurgency is looking for a way out.

Ms Dimanno, if the insurgency is finished, can you explain this?

Eight people have been killed and nine injured in two terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

Taliban militants on Saturday released Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan

Afghan Female journalist stabbed

Eighty-three Canadian soldiers and one diplomat have been killed since the Canadian military deployed to Afghanistan in early 2002

I do not understand this incessant need for reporters to bring `good news` from Afghanistan and how our `glorious` NATO is doing everything right. The truth is that the mission in Afghanistan is floundering. Insurgents by the very definition of the word are not a body or an organisation. If one insurgent wants to talk to NATO on `giving up`, is that person speaking for all the insurgents? Of course not. Insurgency is not going to end with technical terms like `we are beating them in the battle field` or `they don`t control any territory therefore they are losing`. Insurgency will be defeated through politics. And with the corrupt government and the corrupt warlords (bought by NATO), I do not see insurgency ending soon.

The troops should have been back by Feb 2009 and yet they continue to pay the price because politicians are too timid to fight the real fight. And that`s the story. Not that Taliban is losing.

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