These days experts come in all shapes and sizes……

Recently I logged into World of Warcraft and I wound up questing alongside a mage and two dwarf warriors. I was the lowest-level newbie in the group, and the mage was the de-facto leader. He coached me on the details of each new quest, took the point position in dangerous fights and suggested tactics. He seemed like your classic virtual-world group leader: Confident, bold and streetsmart.

But after a few hours he said he was getting tired of using text chat — and asked me to switch over to Ventrilo, an app that lets gamers chat using microphones and voice. I downloaded Ventrilo, logged in, dialed him up and …

… realized he was an 11-year-old boy, complete with squeaky, prepubescent vocal chords. When he laughed, his voice shot up abruptly into an octave range that induced headaches and probably killed any dogs within earshot. Oh, and he used “motherfucker” about four times a sentence, except when his mother came into his bedroom to check on him.

I have always seen my dad as the “know it all” person. Ask him abou tpolitics, sports, coooking, grocery shopping, cars etc. and he will give competent answers except when it comes to cmoputers and related technologies. Then he is alost babe in the woods. It’s kind of sad but at the same time it’s heartening to know that there is something I know better than him.

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