Women Priests

This from Yahoo :

Fifty women have graduated as Muslim preachers, part of a concerted effort by authorities in Morocco to promote moderate Islam in a country grappling with extremism.

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Another 150 men graduated Wednesday as imams, or prayer leaders. The 50 female religious guides, or morchidat, won’t lead prayers in mosques, which is reserved for men, but will be sent around the country to teach women — and, occasionally, men — about Islam.


The training of the preachers is part of a campaign launched by the young king, a descendant of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, to strengthen state-controlled mosques while undermining radical clerics who preach Islamic extremism. He has vowed that no foreign religious doctrine would be tolerated in the North African kingdom, which is a close ally of the United States and a partner in its war against terrorism.

I just realised that in Islam atleast they are making an effort to introduce moderation. I have seen no such effort in Hinduism. Has anyone ever heard of a woman Hindu priest?

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