When I read this article on infanticide in India, I knew it to be very true.

I come from a small town in India called Patiala in North Indian state called Punjab. I and a lot of my peers have long left Patiala to look for “Greener Pastures” but our folks still live there. My mom, who visited us last year here in Canada, told us of an incident that happened immediately after my daughter was born. When my mom and my dad went to visit my grandmother (paternal) over the weekend like they have done once a month for the last 25 years, they told her of the good news. After hearing the news my grandmother lamented

What!!?! What ever am I going to do with all the sweets I had brought?”

It’s easy to say that this is a common preception among the old but, unfortunately, the opposite is true. Among the poor and the middle class, it’s a common belief that a son a preferable to a daughter (despite contrary evidence).

And it shows.

My mom told me that the 2nd to 6th grade that she teaches at a local school has boys out-numbering the girl 3 to 1!! It is a real problem in India. In another 2 decades or so, the problem is going to hit India hard.

By the way, after my grandmother made that comment, my father blew a fuse and gave her a piece of his mind!!

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