Corporations Vs. Individual

Indian bloggers are seething today. They are seething because a profitable management institute (read corporation) is gunning after a blogger who posted about an article by JAM which had carried out an expose on the profitable management institute. The short of it is that the institute, smarting from the expose, ran amok and served a legal notice to the blogger and the editor of JAM has been a target of malicious attacks by supports of the institute.

So what is the truth? I think Atanu has put it the best so far.

Are the allegations (whatever they are) against IIPM true or not? If they are, then anyone bringing it out into the open is clearly a threat to IIPM’s carefully constructed value of their degree. If they are not, then unless the allegations are made by some huge media giant such as the NYTimes or the Washington Post or Hindustan Times, no one would bother to believe it and no harm will be done. And if the NYT or HT were to publish lies about IIPM, then they have sufficiently deep pockets that suing them for defamation would be worth it.

So by IIPM going after a blogger, it has done two things. One, it has admitted that there is a good chance that the cap may fit. Two, it has guaranteed that a lot more people would know about the existence of the cap and the question of whether it fits and so in a sense would be trying on the cap in public any day now. I am not a betting man but if I were, I would bet that the cap will fit.

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