To Hate Is To Be Patriotic


New Canadians will be required to remove veils before swearing the oath of citizenship, Jason Kenney, the minister of citizenship and immigration announced on Monday.

Mr. Kenney said he had heard concern from citizenship judges that some Muslim women wearing face-covering garments may not actually be reciting the oath when taking part in the ceremony.

“They told me last month that it’s a fairly common problem. Every week, in every region of the country, we’re dealing with situations where applicants arrive with a veil on,” Mr. Kenney said. “Frankly, I found it bizarre that the rules allowed people to take the oath with a veil on.”

In recent years, the face-covering garments worn by some Muslim women have come under increasing scrutiny, as governments and courts have wrangled over when women should be allowed to cover their faces.

Mr. Kenney, who made the announcement in Montreal, dismissed questions of religious freedom.

“When Muslim women do the Haj (pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia) they’re required not to wear a veil. They’re required to show their face,” he said. “The idea this is a religious requirement I do not accept.”

Additionally, Canadian law takes precedence over religious edict, Mr. Kenney said. He also announced measures to boost language testing for new immigrants.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

So far the headline and the articles I have read are “no veils allowed during the OATH CEREMONY”. Why? After the identities have been verified, the due process of citizenship is done, why is it truly necessary for a “no veil” policy?

I have been to a citizenship ceremony. It’s a CEREMONY. Nothing really happens there except your name is called and you are handed your
citizenship certificate and you may get your photograph taken with the judge. There are usually 300 people at the ceremony. Do we need ceremony monitors to ensure all the 300 people are reciting the oath? If saying the oath is so important, may I suggest that we recite the oath individually in front of the judge? That would make far more sense. But the armchair patriots want to throw up a tantrum over the fact that some from the crowd of 300 or so are not reciting the oath hence they are not Canadians! Absolute crock!

It’s this kind of stupid jingoism by the Tories that makes me cringe.

Dumb And Stupid

Holy cow!!!

I have no idea where to go with this….

Creation, which opened the Toronto International Film Festival last week, might be winning favourable early reviews, but its still-controversial protagonist — naturalist Charles Darwin — has prevented the film from snagging U.S. distribution, according to one of its producers.

The Jon Amiel biographical drama stars real-life couple Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as the evolution theorist and his devout wife, during the period when Darwin struggled with his faith, the loss of a beloved daughter and with the decision to publish his seminal On The Origin of Species.

Though Creation has scored deals to screen in movie theatres around the globe, U.S. distributors have been reluctant.

I guess progressives and liberals are really not controlling Hollywood? So, a graphically violent movie like The Passion Of The Christ based on a fairy tale is ok with the distributors but a biopic on one of the greatest scientist in the history of the world, is a big NO.

Absolutely pathetic.

Bill O’Reilly Is A Douchebag

Not only I do think that, Mike Conway, Assistant Professor at Indiana University says so after conducting a quantitative data based research to back up his and his partners’ claims.

The research team analyzed 105 segments of O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo,” a segment that opens his nightly show on Fox News Network. The segments were recorded from shows airing between the first week of January to the last week of June 2005.

In these segments, they looked for the seven elements of propaganda previously identified by the IPA: name calling, glittering generalities, transfer, testimonial, plain folks, card stacking and band wagon. Techniques were measured by the number of times they occurred in a minute, a strategy Conway said he thought would counteract the different lengths of the two men’s broadcasts.

The data shows that O’Reilly used all seven of these techniques. Most prominent in his verbiage is the use of name calling, occurring an average of 8.88 times per minute, or close to once every seven seconds.

A pattern also exists in the subjects of this name-calling. The “left-leaning media” led the pack, receiving 21.6 percent of the name calling during the studied time. Illegal aliens and terrorists also held prominence, receiving 26.8 percent and 21.4 percent respectively, with academics rounding out the top four, the study stated.

On the other hand, Americans, the U.S. military and the Bush administration were most commonly alluded to as victims in O’Reilly’s nightly commentary.

Canada’s Bestest Blogger


Thousands of Tamil protesters have left Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway, after surging onto the highway to call attention to the escalating civilian death toll in Sri Lanka.

Around midnight, protesters began making their way down an on-ramp as police monitored the situation. Some told they planned to take their demonstration to Queen’s Park.

Reporters and witnesses at the scene said the demonstration was largely peaceful. However, police arrested at least one person and video taken from a nearby highrise showed a bicycle being thrown at officers.

And what does Canada’s all time favourite blog have to say?

Kate McMilan

Hey Sri Lanka, would you just hurry up and finish them off so traffic can get back to normal?

Because it is necessary for Kate to get to work/home therefore, killing a few brown babies is no big issue for her. And the comments left on her post :

As a law abiding citizen, I explicity convey to the government a monopoly on the use of force to use accordingly in the pursuit of peace and justice.

So I’m getting a little tired of groups using force to get their message across: Indians at Caledonia, Tamils in Ottawa and Toronto. Who’s next? A precedent has been set.

Uh huh. I especially like “Indians in Caledonia” comment. Cause it’s not their land to begin with……

I’m having a hard time believing no one could find a big snowplow to clear the road.

Yes, killing a few brown people is no big deal. After all, the roads need to remain open on Sundays evenings.

I don’t really hate anyone but having read Kate’s blog over the last few months and having seen her on TV, I can truly say that I hate Kate and each of her racist followers. And as a Canadian it shames me to call these fuckers my fellow citizens.

As to the genocide going on in Sri Lanka. I don’t care either way. (UPDATE : I meant to say I don’t care which side is right or wrong not that I don’t care about the genocide!!). Both sides have royally fucked and mucked the issue. Tamils in SL have valid concerns and so does the SL government. And the SL problem has, to a large degree, had an adverse affect on India so, in my mind it would be prudent that the problem is solved soon. Since, the government has an upper hand (after many, many years) there is no way they are going to sit for negotiations.

And to the Tamils here in Canada. I think they are looking for some moral support from the government (like Harper gave to the Israelis in the last intifada) which they are definitely not going to get if the Tamil supporters in Canada are going to wave the flag of LTTE, a violent terrorist organisation.

And to Bill Carroll and his cahoots, fuck you and your moralising – “OH MY GOD!!!!!! THERE ARE CHILDREN ON THE GARDINER EXPRESS!!!!!”. Because there have never been crowds with kids on the roads and highways after a rare win by the Maple Leafs.

The Ultimate Right Wing Stupidity!!


Following President Obama’s May 5 visit to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh Show guest host Mark Steyn criticized Obama as an elitist because he ordered a burger with “spicy mustard” or “Dijon mustard.” Hannity claimed that Obama ordered a “fancy burger” with a “very special condiment,” while Steyn asserted Obama is trying “to enlighten us” through his order. Ingraham asked of Obama: “What kind of man orders a cheeseburger without ketchup but Dijon mustard? … The guy orders a cheeseburger without ketchup? What is that?” In their discussions of Obama’s burger order, Hannity, Ingraham, and Steyn all referenced a Grey Poupon commercial featuring actors portraying wealthy British men expressing desire for the mustard.

Oh my dear god.

As has been discussed over and over again in the last 5 months or so, this is a prime example of the stupidity of the conservatives/right wingers. Picking over the fact that guy ordered a cheeseburger without ketchup and with DIJON mustard – which means he is an elitist. Holy fuck. That is by far the dumbest thing I have heard.

And if you ever say Canadians are not that stupid, our very own Mark Steyn displays his utter lack of intelligence in the accompanying video clip.

The relevant question is, why is the right acting this way? Is it because they know they have lost the fight (for the moment) and the way they can maintain their dignity is to fight back at everything and anything? It will be interesting to see what happens to the conservatives/republicans. Will fresh new blood bring in about sanity to the conservative movement? Or will the right wing implode and some new movement/philosophy arise out of the ashes?

BTW, I will donate $5 to a charity for every person who can sit through the video! You have to tell me what Mark Steyn said in the end that sounded so deranged that any doubts about Mark’s insanity can now be put to rest.

UPDATE : I was going ignore this (via CC) as a comment by some run of the mill blogger like me but :

About Me
Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY

Mother of god, professor you are stupid!!

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Ah, hypocrisy is so simple and beautiful.

The directors of the Miss California USA pageant are looking into whether title holder Carrie Prejean violated her contract by working with a national group opposed to gay marriage and by posing semi-nude when she was a teenage model.

Pageant spokesman Roger Neal said Tuesday it appears Prejean has run afoul of several sections of the 12-page contract that all prospective contestants were required to sign before competing in the November state contest.

So the new voice of the loopy Right is basically a hypocrite. It’s ok for her to express her sexuality in whatever way she wants to but not ok for others.

Prejean, a San Diego native who attends San Diego Christian College, was named the first runner-up to Miss North Carolina in the Miss USA pageant April 19. Her response to a question during the pageant that she opposed extending marriage to gays and lesbians made her a media sensation, darling of religious conservatives and the target of embarrassing disclosures.

Updated: Oops…..the post is not very clear. I was trying to say that this beauty queen with her “principled stand” of dissing other people’s sexual practices, flaunts her own sexuality the way she she’s fit to do so. Hence, the title.

Surprise!! Surprise!!


The more often Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support the torture of suspected terrorists, according to a new survey.

More than half of people who attend services at least once a week — 54 percent — said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is “often” or “sometimes” justified. Only 42 percent of people who “seldom or never” go to services agreed, according to the analysis released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

White evangelical Protestants were the religious group most likely to say torture is often or sometimes justified — more than six in 10 supported it. People unaffiliated with any religious organization were least likely to back it. Only four in 10 of them did.

Or should I say, I am not one bit surprised about this.

Rockstar Energy Drinks

Everyone knows that Rockstar energy drinks are loaded with sugar and are, overall, not good for you. Here is another reason to stay away from the drinks :

A few facts about Rockstar Energy Drink.  It was co-founded by conservative radio host Michael Savage.  It’s current CEO is Russell Weiner, Michael Savage’s son and a co-founder of the “Paul Revere Society” here in the States.

A few facts about Michael Savage.  Better yet, here are a few comments directly from the mouth of Michael Savage:

  • You want me to tell you what makes me sick? When I see two puffy white males kissing each other, I want to puke.  When I see two women kissing each other, on the lips, as lovers, I want to vomit.”

  • When you hear “human rights,” think only one thing: someone who wants to rape your son. And you’ll get it just right. OK, you got it, right? When you hear “human rights,” think only someone who wants to molest your son, and send you to jail if you defend him. Write that down, make a note of it.”
  • …children’s minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia, that’s my position. They’re raping our children’s minds.”
  • You know what autism is? I’ll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is.”
  • So folks, if you have an iota of social consciousness in you, please stay away from Rockstar. You are only deepening the pockets of racists and homophobes.

    I Hate Wingnuts

    (via CC)

    Why I hate wingnuts. This is a comment by one of Canada’s premier wingnuts.

    [pre-emptive note… to the usual anonymous trolls]

    this is, indisputably… a terrible loss for the family & friends of these brave soldiers… but let’s also try to keep a little perspective.

    before you go all “taliban jack” here… try to remember that, statistically, we have lost less than 20 soldiers per year since 2001.

    in contrast…

    “nineteen snowmobilers have died in avalanches in B.C. and Alberta just this winter.”and if you want a real wakeup call… read a book about world war one… or snakes.

    Here’s my comment :

    “we have lost less than 20 soldiers per year since 2001.”

    Neo. How many of them were your kids/relatives/uncles/aunts/neighbours/people you know?

    ..dumbest comments EVAH!! Keep digging that hole, Neo, keep digging that hole…….

    …..aaaand the response from Neo.

    oh, look… agsharma… another empty blogger profile set up exclusively for drive-by trolling.

    hey mr troll… let’s go with the complete quote, shall we?

    begin quote…

    [pre-emptive note… to the usual anonymous trolls]

    this is, indisputably… a terrible loss for the family & friends of these brave soldiers… but let’s also try to keep a little perspective.

    before you go all “taliban jack” here… try to remember that, statistically, we have lost less than 20 soldiers per year since 2001.

    in contrast…

    “nineteen snowmobilers have died in avalanches in B.C. and Alberta just this winter.”and if you want a real wakeup call… read a book about world war one… or snakes.end quote…

    which of the facts here are you disputing? you’re suggesting i don’t support the troops?

    oh, that’s right… you’re not disputing anything factually. you’re just using the infamous, leftbot… “you’re a big poopyhead”… gambit.

    you guys are just so pathetic.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the right wing thinks.

    My point was how could this blogger say “just” 20 deaths per year? It almost seems like this blogger says, because there were a few deaths, we should continue letting soldiers die out there even if it means that the probability of a soldier dying each year is 0.571% ((20/3500)*100). This is precisely why I hate politicians (and idiotic bloggers) who think this probability is low enough to continue a war that has lost it’s meaning. And that’s why I do not support this war. The soldiers, yes. But not the war.

    And what the hell is the meaning of comparing deaths on the battlefield with accidental deaths in BC?

    I have been warned not to engage the wingnuts because their screams and moans do wake up the dead. I usually do not leave comments on their sites. But I could not resist this time.  My excuse is that I had not finished my morning coffee yet!!

    Werner Patels Loves Being Kicked Around

    I found a “delightful” post by a dickhead named Werner Patels. I have never really been to his blog before although I have seen him being kicked around so I should have known better when I read his post on immigration.

    Immigration to Canada is a sensitive issue for me. It pains me to hear nonsense from people who are utterly delighted in being a mr-know-it-all because they had a smooth ride in immigrating to Canada. I am assuming he immigrated to Canada considering the authority with which he write his afore mentioned post.

    What pissed me off right away was the way he was pulling out numbers out of his tight ass. E.g.

    23% of immigrants in Canada contribute to the country’s prosperity and the other 77% cost us $18 billion (a year, according to some sources, and excluding any of the costs incurred for law enforcement in fighting crime)

    I see. That bit of information is really impressive but can you back it up? I mean, where are the links? That’s ok, I will do the work for you :


    As far as I can see from this table from, the labour participation is waaaaay above your number of 23% employed. And what is this shit about 77% costing us $18 billion!!! Dude, take a chill pill. Either give us references or stop trying to be a bad magician.

    Immigrants not learning to speak English or French: I agree that if a SKILLED labour is entering the country, he/she is REQUIRED to know one of these two languages. But there are numerous unskilled labourers entering the market by droves. How the fuck can you expect them to know Eng or Fr? And please don’t give me a lecture about requiring only skilled labourers in Canada. Are you going to get your emaculate hands dirty? There are jobs that skilled labourers cannot and will not do and that’s where your miners, your truck drivers, your security guards come in (BTW, I suddenly realised, that all the jobs I listed require a certain amount of skill. So what exactly is a un-skilled labourer?)

    And check this para by the blabbering mouth

    Not demanding that our immigrants speak our official languages is not only dangerous to the social cohesion of our country, but also extremely detrimental to the democratic process. So many votes in places like Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver are regularly cast not by the people themselves, but by party officials who, either through gestures or with the help of a corrupt translator, direct those people how to vote.

    Holy Shit!!! As you can see this guy likes to paint with broad strokes. According to him there is a massive scam going on in the ethinic communities in immigration hubs of Canada’s major cities . Sure there would be some push by a politician from South Asia to court a vote from people from south Asia. But what happens when there are 3 south Asians running for the same seat from different? As far as I can tell, south Asianess goes out the window and the issues come out. And that is what is happening in the ethnic community. If this is not democratic, then I don t know what the hell democracy is anymore.

    I had ignored this campaign against Patels from CC as I did not know much about him but now I would like to join the campaign : Werner Patels Banned.

    Hate. Hate. Hate (Part 2)


    India’s election authority has censured the great-grandson of India’s first prime minister for making hate speeches against minority Muslims during political rallies ahead of the country’s national elections.

    The Election Commission’s order came late Sunday after footage emerged of 29-year-old Varun Gandhi, who is seeking a seat in Parliament for the first time on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), comparing a rival Muslim politician to Osama bin Laden and threatening to cut the throats of Muslims during political rallies.

    I have to ask the obvious question, who the fuck sponsors these kind of people to politics? These self anointed saviours of Hinduism are the scum that feeds at the bottom of a barrel. The sad fact is that uneducated masses of India will follow whosoever says “Jai Sri Ram” the loudest. It is pathetic how India portrays itself to be this developing super power and yet is run by people advocating mass murder in the name of religion. Case in point, we have a murderer running the state of Gujrat (the state in which, ironically, the peace loving Mahatma Gandhi was born).

    And once caught on tape, would the main Hindu body, back track to cover the faux pax? No, no, that would be too “cowardly”. Instead they did a brave thing by saying :

    The state unit president of the All India Hindu Mahasabha, Mahant Narayan Giri, told newspersons that Varun Gandhi has said nothing wrong in his speech and was being targeted for speaking for the cause of “Hindutva”.

    Aah, yes, the old defend, the poor weak Hindus because they are third class citizens of India where they constitute 80% of the population. And I just lost my lunch when I read this by Varun Gandhi :

    “It’s a very sad day in Indian politics when anyone who speaks for Hindus is branded communal.”

    Communal. God fucking damn!! You represent a party that is nothing BUT communal. Each and every riot in the last 20 years can be traced back to BJP and their subsidiary parties.

    Shame on you all who vote for these people.

    Minister Of Science And Technology?

    Continuing from yesterday’s post about Evolution, here is a prime example of Conservative moral depravity :

    Canada’s science minister, the man at the centre of the controversy over federal funding cuts to researchers, won’t say if he believes in evolution.

    “I’m not going to answer that question. I am a Christian, and I don’t think anybody asking a question about my religion is appropriate,” Gary Goodyear, the federal Minister of State for Science and Technology, said in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

    The question was do you believe in Evolution. Who the fuck asked about your religion? You are the SCIENCE minister. If you have troubling saying right off the bat about your belief (or in this case non-belief) in Evolution then you have every reason to go back to your Chiropractor job.

    I love this doctor’s response to the crap that Goodyear spewed :

    Evolution is a scientific fact, Dr. Alters said, and the foundation of modern biology, genetics and paleontology. It is taught at universities and accepted by many of the world’s major religions, he said.

    “It is the same as asking the gentleman, ‘Do you believe the world is flat?’ and he doesn’t answer on religious grounds,” said Dr. Alters. “Or gravity, or plate tectonics, or that the Earth goes around the sun.”

    Lol!!! That’s a good smack down.

    Anyway, I googled Goodyear this morning and saw that the minister now all of a sudden does not believe that asking his views on Evolution is a violation of his religious beliefs :

    OTTAWA — Canada’s science minister moved to cut short a brewing controversy Tuesday over his views on evolution.

    Gary Goodyear raised eyebrows when he refused to tell a national newspaper if he believed in the science of evolution.

    But the minister of state for science and technology clarified Tuesday that he does indeed believe in evolution.

    “We’re evolving all the time,” Goodyear said in an interview.

    “Of course I believe in evolution.”

    I wonder how many Hail Marys he had to say after such blasphemous talk!!! Now that your “faith” in science has been restored, can we not cut the research budget? Supporting science and research is what is going to help Canada be a stronger country not praying for a miracle.

    Bush In Canada


    George W. Bush, who left office with one of the lowest popularity ratings in U.S. history, will officially kick off his unofficial post-presidential image rehabilitation tour with a speech in Calgary on Tuesday.

    But some protesters who plan to be on hand at the city’s convention centre say “Dubya” doesn’t deserve a soapbox — he should be in handcuffs.

    When Mr. Bush steps up to the podium at a closely controlled private event, he’ll face 1,500 friendly faces brought in by organizers and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Tickets reportedly sold for $400 each and were made available exclusively by invitation.

    Those invitations say Mr. Bush will share his thoughts “on eight momentous years in the Oval Office.” The former president will also speak about “the challenges facing the world in the 21st century.”

    Protesters promise to be out in full force.

    It’s a war criminal being invited to Canada by a municipal representative body, to come and have a chat,” said Toby Pollett, who argues Mr. Bush should be arrested at the border over the alleged torture of prisoners in U.S. military camps.

    It’s ludicrous, really, when you look at it.”

    What I find amusing of this escapade is when 50 Cents was banned from performing in Toronto because of his violent lyrics and his celebration of the “gangsta” culture 2 or 3 years ago. And here we have a preson who freely admits that war in Iraq war was wrong.  A war in which 100,000’s are dead, a war in which 4,000 US citizens have been killed, a war that encouraged torture and “any means necessary” to extract information….and what do the yahoos in Calgary do? They invite this potential mass murderer for a speech!! No protest from the government about the presence of a mass murderer in this case.

    Moron Of The Day : Obama


    Prominent liberal groups and gay rights proponents criticized President-elect Barack Obama Wednesday for choosing evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration next month.

    Prominent liberal groups and gay rights proponents criticized President-elect Barack Obama Wednesday for choosing evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration next month.

    Oh Obama, Obama, Obama. Why did you have to take such a bullshit step? I know you want to toe the centrist line but come on, Warren. Here is what he said about people of different faiths :

    ……….I have yet to let Jesus enter my life, but I admire Warren. We once appeared on a panel together along with Harvard’s Peter Gomes at the Aspen Ideas Festival. When it came time for questions, a woman stood up, proclaimed her Judaism, and asked Warren if she was going to burn in hell. He paused before responding — and then answered her question the only way it could be answered. Yes, he said to audible gasps. My reaction was that either you believe that Jesus is the savior or you do not, and I found myself impressed that Warren remained true to his convictions, knowing full well that the audience would not like what he said

    Yup. So all you non-Christians, see ya in hell. And he does not believe in evolution. Which in my books is the worst sin ever!!

    Oh, and he is a homophobe.

    President elect Obama, are you beginning to slide from the “moral” high that you claim you have?

    Run!! It’s A Muslim!!!


    A head scarf landed a Muslim woman in jail Tuesday after she refused to remove it during a hearing at the Douglasville Municipal Court.

    Lisa Valentine, also known by her Islamic name, Miedah, 40, was arrested for ‘violating a court policy of no headgear’, Chris Womack, deputy chief of operations for the Douglasville Police Department said on Wednesday.

    Valentine was in court with a nephew who was facing a traffic citation. She was wearing a hijab, the head covering worn by Muslim women.

    When she refused to remove it she was handcuffed and taken to Judge Keith Rollins’ chambers. He cited her for contempt and ordered her held in jail for 10 days.

    Welcome to the new America. Where paranoia rules and reason and logic and freedom of religion/speech etc. are just words. I wonder what the judge’s reaction to a Sikh or a Jew (wearing a Kippah)? Would he have reacted in the same way?

    It’s so easy to hate, isn’t it?

    “Secular” India

    I guess at times I am enthralled by the fact that India is truly a secular and a minorities championing country. The Prime Minister is from a minority religion, a woman is the president and an Italian born Indian citizen runs (allegedly) the party in power. I mean, where else can you find such welcoming people?

    But then there is bullshit like this :

    Taslima Nasreen forced to leave India again

    So here is an authour who has done no wrong to anyone except write poetry and about the women in Islam. For that she :

    has again been “forced” to leave India after her brief stay here, prompting the controversial writer to question the country’s alleged secular credentials.

    The writer, who returned to India on August 8, said she had to leave on October 15 following the government’s dictum.

    “Yes, I was forced to leave India once again… The government gave me resident permit for 6 months with a secret condition that I must leave the country in a few days,” she told PTI in an e-mail interview.

    “Gave a 6 month visa with the condition that she leave immediately”???? WHAT?? So the all powerful, all secular government of India bowed and cowered to a segment of the population that has better things to revile in the country like poverty, corruption etc. but instead focuses it’s energy on an authour!!?!!

    I know it’s all politics but there comes a time when a government needs to stand up for a principle. This author had to flee her birth country because of the fatwa placed on her. This was the perfect opportunity for the government of India and the state government (which is, ironically, a communist party i.e. an anti religion party) to demonstrate their secular credentials.

    And why would anyone want to object violently to what a person has written? This is what really irks me about Indians. They take little silly issues like a book and make a huge deal out of it. Why?

    Rush Limbaugh

    Needless to say that Rush Limbaugh is basically a pig in a suit. See here for details as to why. Here is the latest from the piggy.

    “Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race,” Limbaugh wrote in the e-mail. “OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I’ll let you know what I come up with.”

    He has shown his racist colours numerous times before so I think this is outrageous but what can you expect from a pig. Then he goes on to defend his words.

    “I thought it should be about race,” he said. “I thought you liberals thought this was a historic candidacy because finally we are going to elect a black guy…why hide behind this, why act like it’s not about race?”

    “This was all about Powell and race, nothing about the nation and its welfare,” Limbaugh added. The talk radio host also criticized members of the media for not addressing his claim that Powell likely hasn’t endorsed white candidates who, according to Limbaugh, have similar political leanings and experience as Obama.

    “Just so you know, I haven’t come up with any,” he said. “I worked diligently on this on the airplane on the trip home from Green Bay yesterday. I can’t find any of these inexperienced white liberals that Powell has endorsed.”

    He is right. For some people, it’s all about the race in this election. There are people who would rather incite voilence than see a half-black man get elected to office.

    So I wonder how many reporters have asked Piggy whom he is voting for. And if it’s not Obama, is it because he is black? And if he says yes, does that not make him a racist?

    I just find it funny no one has brought that up. If you find anything please forward me the link cause I could use a few laughs.

    Update : And if he is voting for McBush because he is white, does that not prove that Piggy is a hypocrite?

    Yup, Republicans Are The One For USA


    Worse, Palin’s routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness. In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric’s questions for her “less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media.” At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, “Sit down, boy.”

    This is probably the reason why the Republican’s campaign is imploding under it’s own stupidity. I hope that they get a good drubbing in this election.

    Morons At Work (Stay Away Please)

    There is this :

    Here is a primer for those of you who still don’t understand how global warming works:

    • The dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil.

    • We drilled for oil, and used most of it to spray on ducks, and the rest we turned into carbon dioxide.

    • Carbon dioxide is a hot gas, and it’s making the Sun hotter, which is making the Earth hotter, which makes polar bears sweat, and that’s a bad thing.

    • To make the Earth cooler and make polar bears happy, Canadians will pay money to Stephane Dion, who will give all of it back.

    • The exchange of money will cool the Earth (ok, this part is a bit vague).

    • Farmers are worried that they won’t get enough back after all of it is given back (clearly they are confused, because everyone is supposed to get all their money back, a process that results in global cooling in a way that is not entirely understood by non-Liberals).

    • Liberals who are worried that farmers won’t vote for them are complaining loudly, which is generating even more hot air (which warms the Sun and makes polar bears sweat even more, and that’s a bad thing).

    • Stephane Dion is going to change the plan by making the carbon tax even stronger, making farmers happy so that they stop bothering Liberals.

    • This results in less hot air and comfortable polar bears.

    • The happiness of farmers who might vote Liberal will cool the Earth (ok, this part is a bit vague too).

    and then there is this :

    The ice shelves in Canada’s High Arctic have lost a colossal area this year, scientists report.

    The floating tongues of ice attached to Ellesmere Island, which have lasted for thousands of years, have seen almost a quarter of their cover break away.

    One of them, the 50 sq km (20 sq miles) Markham shelf, has completely broken off to become floating sea-ice.

    Researchers say warm air temperatures and reduced sea-ice conditions in the region have assisted the break-up.

    “These substantial calving events underscore the rapidity of changes taking place in the Arctic,” said Trent University’s Dr Derek Mueller.

    “These changes are irreversible under the present climate.”

    And this is the modus operandii of the moronic-right here in Canada. Make fun of an issue that would be crucial to our children and their children. “Hell, if it does not affect me, then it is not my fucking problem”. That’s how these morons think.

    I find it distasteful to call these people fellow citizens of the world. I mean does it matter at the end of the day if global warming is a science. Does it?

    Frankly, I don’t care. I do not care if global warming is a science or not.

    We make it our right to pollute the air, sea and land; We make it our right to gouge at earth and we make it our right to dump on mother nature all the time which doesn’t make any sense because we are only hurting ourselves in the process. So why not do the right thing and actually implement policies that do irreparable harm to earth whether they affect global warming or not? I am willing to pay my share.

    But, no. This somehow does not sit well with the wingnuts. Any idea where you as a person need to make a sacrifice for the good of the planet and the generations to come, is thrown out the window before you even consider it.

    Case in point, the Green Shift. I think if this was a plan from Harper’s government, the moronic right would have endorsed it whole heartedly.

    BTW, “Angry White Thing”, the dinosaurs didn’t die because they got too fat and they definetly are not the only source for oil. If you want to attempt humour while dissing an opnion, first get a funny bone and then try it.