Trip To Paris

The family visited Paris in last week of July. The trip was outstanding to say the least. Perfect weather. Crowded but not too much(I don’t think terrorism has impacted the tourism much. Especially people from China). Friendly people (for the most part. We did experience some famous French pouting).

Here are some pictures.

Paris Jul 20161
Charu and Rhea exhausted after a trip to Versailles
Paris Jul 20163
Resting at Eiffel Tower
Paris Jul 20164
View from our room.
Paris Jul 20165
These were everywhere!
Paris Jul 20166
Notre Dame
Paris Jul 20167
On the hop-on hop-off bus
Paris Jul 20168
At Sacre Coeur
Paris Jul 20169
Arc De Triomphe
Paris Jul 201610
Jardin Du Luxembourg
Paris Jul 201611
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Check out the trees.
Paris Jul 201612
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Charu fighting with Rhea
Paris Jul 201613
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Rhea thinks she looks dumb
Paris Jul 201614
At Versailles.
Paris Jul 201615
At Versailles. Garden at the back.
Paris Jul 201616
At Versailles. The main view.
Paris Jul 201617
Used metro quite a lot. Excellent service.
Paris Jul 201618
At Lourve.
Paris Jul 201619
Rhea trying a new look.
Paris Jul 201620
On our way to the top
Paris Jul 201621
A look from the bottom.
Paris Jul 201622
Walking tour. The best part of the trip.
Paris Jul 201623
Both very skeptical about the different kinds of cheeses.
Paris Jul 201624
Walking through the small streets.
Paris Jul 201625
Rhea refused to play with the bubbles. Until they came her way :)
Paris Jul 201626
Found a great Thai place. My goofy was goofing off.
Paris Jul 201627
Selfies galore!
Paris Jul 201628
Last day. Waiting at the Metro.
Paris Jul 201629
Security was intense. Soldiers everywhere.
Paris Jul 201630
My baby.
Paris Jul 201631
On a bridge along Seine river.
Paris Jul 201632
The sleepy head was always catching a nap.
Paris Jul 201633
Just walking about along Seine river.
Paris Jul 201634
Fries and Algae juice.
Paris Jul 201636
Napolean’s tomb.
Paris Jul 201637
Cruising along river Seine.
Paris Jul 201638
Rhea was exhausted by day 5.
Paris Jul 201640
It was a fabulous trip. Love you Paris!