Mumbai Attacked, Again

Another day, another attack.

Another mindless bombing, innocent people dying.

It’s become the circle of life in Mumbai. I wonder how much can that city take before the psychosis of living with the fear that a bomb could go off next to you drives people over the edge. Already there are statements appearing on the web that border on mob mentality where you go where ever your anger leads you. Here are what some of my close friends are posting on their wall on Facebook :

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Time to get up and take control. If you agree let’s make this a movement. Hang that Kasab (Pakistani Islamic terrorist who was involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks) or I am not paying taxes to the government for them to sit and feed the man who injured the soul of Mumbai!! An appeal KILL THAT KASAB OR CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT!!

I understand you are angry and upset but I do not understand how killing Kasab will stop terrorism? Once Kasab is dead will the terrorists just stop? It did not happen when US go Osama Bin Laden so why would it work in this case?

And if the person is saying that we should hang Kasab because he is guilty and the government is just dithering by not hanging him right away, then I have to ask, do you want to be like the terrorists? In other words do you want to take Kasab in the back and shoot him just like the terrorists do or do you want to go through a process that are entrenched in a democratic society. Yes, they can be slow but that’s why it’s called a due process. Leave no stone unturned. That’s how you fight terrorism.

I have been very disappointed by the response to this later attack from fellow desis (some of them are my very friends). There have been shouts across the board for more security. What does that mean? Do you want an Orwellian police state? Do you want to be told what you can do each moment you step out?

If yes, then may I suggest you try North Korea.

I was also disappointed with the response to the bombing by the authourities. I mean, I do not expect them to have a police presence at every corner (I would hate that kind of society). My problem is that I saw pictures of injured being carried in the back of delivery vans, injured lying about with no professional help, no fire men, nothing. WTF! I thought after repeatedly being bombed, the authourities would have learned by now how to RESPOND to a bombing even if they cannot PREVENT one.

And the media. Oh my god! What is wrong with the desi media? The hyperventilating reportage from the scene of the blast with no concern for the privacy of the victims and their loved ones makes me want to puke.

I have no idea how to end this post on a positive note because there is nothing positive about this tragedy. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

End Of Cricket In Pakistan?


LAHORE, PAKISTAN — At least a dozen men attacked Sri Lanka’s cricket team with rifles, grenades and rocket launchers Tuesday ahead of a match in Pakistan, wounding seven players, an umpire and an assistant coach from Britain in a brazen assault on South Asia’s most beloved sport. Six policemen and a civilian were killed.

The players’ and the coach’s injuries were not life-threatening, officials said. The umpire was in critical condition.

In a coordinated attack, the assailants ambushed the convoy carrying the squad and match officials at a traffic circle 100 yards (meters) from the main sports stadium in the eastern city of Lahore, triggering a 15-minute gunbattle with police guarding the vehicles.

None of the attackers was killed or captured at the scene, city police chief Haji Habibur Rehman said. Authorities did not speculate on the identities of the attackers or their motives.

Oh great. So even the most revered sport in South Asia is not left alone by the fucking terrorists. What crap, man. When Australia and India canceled their tours due to security concerns, I was of the opinion that these countries are over-reacting. I mean, who in their right mind would attack a sport that Pakistan, itself, excels in and tarnish the reputation of the country?

But I guess the terrorists don’t really care as long as they get their “holy land”.

And can the politicians in Pakistan get a little more back bone and take care of this issue? It was always with a wink and a nod that the politicians catered to the powerful islamic forces in the country. And now that the perception of the country is slowly turning to a “failed” state, can they move to curb these terror laden organisation?

Here Are Some Things I Have Learned In The Past 24 Hours (Updated 1st Dec. 2008) (Updated 2nd Dec. 2008)

  1. Terrorism is now a fact of life in India no matter how much India prospers.
  2. Terrorism in India will always, ALWAYS, be supported by countries surrounding India which includes Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka to name a few. But nothing will be done about it because reprecussions of any military action will be met with force from not only the offending country but also but the world at large. And political action is not possible because our politicians lack the imagination. India will continue to take blows.
  3. Twitter is the best place to go if you want up to minute updates of the situation on the ground. I think today the number one traffic generator on Twitter was #Mumbai.
  4. Politicians of the current Congress party are uninspiring and verbal fumblers.
  5. Politicians from the RSS are demagogues and dangerous. I think they are going to use this terrorism act to their advantage in the up coming 2009 election. Look out for Thakeray and co. to completely exploit this day.
  6. Politicians blame everything on Pakistan from the word go. Getting the facts and then starting the blame game is something these idiots are not really familiar with.
  7. Sara Snider of CNN who is in Mumbai covering the Mumbai terrorism, is a fucking moron. See this clip ( Her comment on people “celebrating” outside police lines because they are just curious on lookers was outrageously insensitive. I was really happy to see a brave gentleman interrupt her bullshit on live TV. Kudos to you sir.

Updates to follow.

> The blame game has started. There is no doubt that there was involvement of Pakistan citizens on the attack. I think the question is, is the State of Pakistan involved?

> Will there be a intelligence overhaul? No idea and I don’t think the public will be informed either way. Anyway, if this attack was, as is being reported in the media, from Pakistan, there was no way to prepare for it or avoid it.

> It is important for everyone to understand that the attack hit home for many elite and upper middle class people which changes the whole dimension of this episode and it has the potential to have far reaching effects on how terrorism will be treated in India.

It was easy for the ruling class and the bureaucratic class of India to ignore bomb attacks that took lives of mainly poor people over the last few months but this attack has hit the rulers. And that is pathetic on so many levels. This incident will confirm that a “rich/richer” life in India is worth MORE than a “poor/common man” life. And that will never ever change.

Updated on 2nd Dec. 2008

> So far the best analysis that I have read, regarding the Mumbai attacks is here.