WTF News Of The Day


Lisa MacLeod is a young female politician who commutes to her job at Queen’s Park from Ottawa and leaves her husband, Joe, and four-year-old daughter, Victoria, at home. Mr. Justice Douglas Cunningham of Ontario Superior Court said this is a big distraction for the 34-year-old woman and as a result he felt he could not accept her evidence as corroboration of the Crown’s key witness in the recent high-profile, influence-peddling trial of Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien

OK fine, maybe her evidence was incidental to his ruling and what the judge meant to say was, “her testimony is not required so let’s not get her here” but in saying what he said, he has just revealed himself to be a sexist.

What a moron.

Only In New York

I will be spending this week in New York, in Manhattan, and I have already seen a few things that in the normal course of daily life in Toronto would be “strange”.

> I and Rhea were on our way to my friend’s house in a cab and, not surprisingly, the cab driver almost crashed into a cyclist! If you have been for a ride on a cab in New York, you know what I am talking about. It’s literally a roller coaster ride. Anyway, it was clearly the cab driver’s fault and the shouting match that ensued after the driver stepped out of the cab was bound to end up in someone getting beaten up. I stayed in the cab for a minute or so, with my daughter and asking her to look away as I was sure that, based on the anger of the cab driver and the cyclist, a fight was about to start. But a minute later, both the cyclist and the cab driver were shaking hands and giving each other hugs!!! Only In New York!!

> Went for a run along FDR to Brooklyn bridge and back. It was a super duper hot day but it as it was one of the few hot days in New York (so I was told), the running route was crowded with runners, cyclists and walkers. The funny thing I noticed was almost 7 out of 10 walkers who were dressed like they were out for a power walk, were smoking away!!! It was the strangest oxymoron I ever saw. Out for a healthy walk and smoking at the sametime. Only in New York!!

Sometimes I Do Not Understand India

In Delhi in 1996 to make a long distance phone call, you’d either have to be very rich or use one of the private maintained phone booths. Basically you’d walk to the booth, give the head honcho the number you want to reach and then sit and wait for your turn because, invariably, there were quite a few people waiting to make a call.

The one I used to frequent was a small room that had opened right next to my apartment. The phone was in a small make shift booth in one of the corners of the room. It was a glass booth with curtains to give the caller perceived privacy. Perceived? Because people in the room could clearly hear the entire conversation of the person in the booth even though no one could see in the booth.

So one evening I went to the booth to call my folks for my weekly call and gave the number and waited for my turn amongst 5-6 other people. I knew it would take time so I had taken a book along which proceeded to read. Inside the booth was a woman who, maybe because of a bad connection, was talking fairly loudly. So, even if you did not want to hear her conversation, you had no choice.

And this is how the conversation was going :

“Yes mum. Life is really hard here working all the time.”


“Yes mum he helps out as much as he can but his work sometimes takes him away for a few days and then it becomes very hard to handle the kids and my work”


“Yeah. That’s why I am calling. Please send me some body who will help out with the house.”

Here in North America such help is very expensive but in India, personal help is within the budgets of everyone. Even I as a student had a maid help me (and my flat mates) with cleaning and cooking everyday. Anyway, on with the conversation :

The woman says “can you please send someone from (ed : I forget what city she says here but I remember thinking, boy that’s far off) as soon as you can? But can you make sure that he is not more than 15 years old”

At this point, my head went up. I was mildly shocked. How can she ask her mom to separate a kid from his parents to look after her kids??? And then she said something that made everyone in the room look up from their magazines and books with shock.

“Please make sure that he is not into studying or learning. Or that he is looking into coming to Delhi and think I would be responsible for his well being.  I don’t want to have to deal with that crap.”

She continued with this line of conversation for a good minute or so and the whole time we were all looking at each other in shock and I know what everyone was thinking. Here is an educated woman talking about getting help for her kids from another kid and she wants this help not to be inquisitive or have a education-oriented mind. She just wants a servant. Someone at her beck and call.

And that’s what I hate about India. This subjugation of a population because they are of a different social strata. Of a different caste. Of a different region. This is very common in India and is prevalent among the so called educated class as well. India will forever be mired is bickering amongst it’s population as long as such attitudes exist.

What brought about this rant from me? This :

Sunil and Arvind Parmar, owners of a tea stall in Surendranagar, Gujarat, break
for lunch while their servant Mangal, an 11-year-old Dalit boy is made to sit under the table.


Discrimination Against Women In India


In India, China and sub-Saharan Africa, millions upon millions of women are missing. They are not lost, but dead: victims of violence, discrimination and neglect.

These are excess deaths: women “missing” above and beyond natural mortality rates, compared to their male counterparts.

Women who are dead because their lives were undervalued.

Around the world boys outnumber girls at birth, but in countries where women and men receive equal care, women have proved hardier and more resistant to disease, and thus live longer. In most of Asia and North Africa, however, Sen found that women die with startlingly higher frequency.

His research began a flutter of activity in academic circles and by 2005, the United Nations produced a much higher estimate for how many women could be “missing”: 200 million.

“Previously, people had thought that they (the missing women) were all at the very early stages of life, prenatal or just after, so before four years old,” Anderson says. “But what we found is that the majority are actually later.” Female infanticide has been endemic in India and China for some time, which she says led researchers to assume that it was the source of all the missing women. But the truth is much more complicated.

Once she and Ray broke down the numbers by age group, they found that the majority of excess female deaths came later in life: 66 per cent in India, 55 per cent in China and 83 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa.

Female infanticide is a huge issue in India. People just do not want girls. The government has tried to step in but what do you do when majority of the population does not desire baby girls.

And this is not a poor-educated issue. My mom is a teacher in a secondary school catering to the well to do families and she sees the gender gap in the classroom. She just does not comprehend why the gap exists. Why would a family opt for a boy to a girl?

And this is just plain sad……

“Why would there be excess mortality of, let’s say, 45-year-old women versus 45-year-old men?” asks economics professor Kevin Milligan. “And what they find is … they have the same set of diseases, they just seem to die more frequently. The explanation that seems most consistent with that is differential access to health care. And so that’s a really striking finding.”

Anderson says that lack of health care is likely a big part of the problem, but that there are numerous cultural and social factors at play that can be difficult to pinpoint.

… India, a category called “injuries” yielded ominously high figures: 86,000 excess deaths in the age group 15-29 in 2000 alone. Anderson has done extensive research in India, and says the numbers beg the question of exactly how many deaths were so-called “kitchen fires” – often used to mask dowry-related killings, the result of a new bride being tortured by her new family until her parents pay their debts.

Big Brother Keeping An Eye On Their Own Too

Good to know that security cameras are used to keep the trigger happy police in check too.

Ronnie Holloway’s eyes were still black and blue one week after he was allegedly beaten by a Passaic, N.J., police officer — an attack that was inadvertently caught on a video surveillance camera.

I know the police work under enormous stress conditions and need resources to deal with silly shit like the one above. But to beat the crap out of an obviously deranged man (watch the video) just because you can, is insane. I hope the police officer is throw out of the force.

Canadian Seal Hunt

Understandably, the seal hunt is horrible.  I mean images on this page speaks a thousand words (warning: not for the faint of heart). And of course, the blood spilling on white snow enhances the “goriness” of the kill which further inflames us humans who cannot stand the site of senseless killing.

But then you have to look at it logically. I am talking to you, enjoying your burger at McDonald’s and you, enjoying your chicken teriyaki and you, enjoying your BBQed pork chops. All those animals you are enjoying at the moment were reared and then slaughtered, all for the pleasure of your palate.

So please all those of you who preach, cut the fucking crap. Seals are not endangered and they are not needlessly culled. If the image of the culling is something that displeases you, please do not look. And if you are going to be a holier-than-thou hypocrite, then I request you to FO.

And for those who are genuinely PETA supporters, please focus your energies on the slaughter houses for pigs, cows, chicken, goats, sheep, horses etc. Seal hunting is a bonafied industry (for now) and will go on to be bonafied, until we have a environmental or financial situation which demands that seal hunt be eliminated.

Superstition = Idioticy


NEW DELHI: For those suffering from aviophobia, the fear of flying, divine help will be at hand soon with a grand temple with south Indian architecture coming up just outside the airport here.

“We started constructing this temple in August last year. It will be open for public in two-three months,” said Arun Arora, spokesperson for Delhi’s airport development firm, which has been promoted by GMR, a Hyderabad-based infrastructure company.

“But the temple is not being built inside the airport. It is a part of the commercial area in the airport’s vicinity. It will be accessible to anyone,” Arora said.

Well, it’s true. Whenever I fly, I look for the nearest deity and bow my head and hope I get to where I want safely and not trust the experts like : the pilot, the engineer, the stewards, the air traffic controller, the ground staff etc.

This mindless superstition is so pathetic that it boggles my mind.

I remember the time when outright stupidity broke out in 1995/1996 when statues of the lord Ganesha started “drinking milk” around India and the world. I remember how excited all my batch mates were, in the MBA college I was attending (you heard right, MBA graduates became sniveling pathetic morons). Of course, the hysteria died down a bit once it was discovered that this “miracle” was the result of surface tension and capillary action but more so because the statues were clogged with the 1000s of liters of milk. But that did not dissuade the believers who still think stone statues drink milk.

And my friends call me stupid for not believing.

Absolutely Pitiful

I find it hard to believe that in a progressive and educated country like Canada, this would happen (Update: finally, some positive results, at the last count 55% believed in evolution):


4,367 so far have said “no”. It really irritates and bugs me to no end that people in this day and age would say that evolution did not happen. I mean, for gods sake, what is it going to take for these buffoons to understand that the Theory Of Evolution rests on unshakable scientific facts.

I don’t profess to know everything about the Theory Of Evolution but I am implicit and explicitly trust scientists who do understand the theory very well. And before you say “ah ha, this prick is trusting some fucking expert”. Well, yes, I do trust someone who is an authority on the Evolution theory, who knows what the details of the theory are just as I would trust an aircraft engineer who tells me that the theory of flight is based on scientific and well tested facts to enable me to climb into an aircraft without uttering a prayer.

At the same time, when someone says they do not believe in the Theory Of Evolution because it “does not sound true”, I call that kind of a statement absolutely full of crap. Just because you think it “does not sound true” does not make it bogus. E=MC2 never sounded true to anyone when Einstein came up with it, but it has since been tested and utilised very well as the nuclear strikes in Nagasaki and Hiroshima have demonstrated.

I found this very interesting tit-bit on the net and may explain why the question of the validity of evolution never was raised in India.


That’s not to say that the Indian society is not religious. I would say that religion in India is at the same level as it is in the US. However, science and religion have had a comfortable co-existence with some minor flare ups every  now and then.

And here is a complete and utter bullshit version of revisionism by the fucking elite of United States Of Amerika.


Woohoo!! Check this out. Guess I am wrong about Canadians (yes, yes, I know that this is an unscientific poll, but what the hell. Let me enjoy the moment)


Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill


Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps admitted to “regrettable” behavior Sunday and vowed it wouldn’t happen again after a British newspaper published a photograph of the swimmer smoking from a bong.

Oh dear god!!! Who the fuck cares what this person was doing in his own personal time. I just do not understand this incessant need of the public to be a moral police. It was a bong hit…..something that adults and kids all over the world are doing right now. Something that has been deemed medically safe by numerous doctors and physicians all around the world. Something that is sold legally in quite a few European countries.

And now this poor guy is going to lose lucrative endorsements all because he smoked a joint. What nonsense.

“I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment,” the record-setting American athlete said in a statement issued Sunday.

“I’m 23 years old, and despite the successes I have had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner that people have come to expect from me,” Phelps said. “For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public — it will not happen again.”

People often use bongs to smoke marijuana.

And for those who say that he is a role model and should act like it…………..please give me a break. He is a 23 old kid who happens to excel in a sport. He is the one who needs a role model.

Robots And Humans


“Fewer astronauts, more robots” is the call of three European aerospace engineers, Alex Ellery, Joerg Kreidsel and Bernd Sommer. They believe that sending humans in to space to repair the ISS or even Hubble, are wasteful, expensive, and aren’t sending the right message for the space community.

I totally agree with this statement. I think it would be cheaper and more productive to send drones rather than humans to space missions AS A PRECURSOR to sending human beings. I understand the need to send drones for minial jobs and to undertake missions which are still in a prototype stage, but man needs to be inspired by exploration of the final frontier and drones and Robots can never inspire.

But that does not mean we do not require Robots or artificial intelligence at all. I know there is intense debate about Robots Vs Humans and I am coming on the side of Robots in this debate.

I don’t understand why there is a fear of Robots (and of AI : Artificial Intelligence) when human are inexorably moving in that direction. I know Hollywood has done a great job in showing us how machines can rebel against us but it is, as with everything else in Hollywood, made up. In the future we are all going to be Borgs (hopefully, without the nasty temperament as depicted in Star Trek, to destroy everything in our path). As the link explains, Borgs are an amalgamation of technology (machines, AI etc) and organic beings (that’s us) to better ourselves and our lives. And that is what is going to happen to us.

Why is there a fear of AI and robots? I can only say, fear sells. Fear of communists, of ghosts, of AI, of Liberal media etc. sells and that is what everyone is doing right now.

Omar Khadr

I have been following the Omar Khadr saga for a while now. I will not bore you with the details of his life which I would rather that you read from the wikipedia entry.

So without much ado, here’s my opinion :

I think that the reaction of the Canadian government (and the public at large ) is one of pathetic, sniveling assholes. Why?

He is a Canadian citizen. We have other countries making successful cases of their citizens (here, here and here) to be moved to their respected countries where they are tried under their laws. So why is this person being ignored by the Canadian government.

If you go through the time line of his life, you cannot but notice that he is nothing but a child soldier. Forced or coerced or just plain brain washed into hating the West by his parents, this person did what any child would do in such a situation, do what his elders/patriarch/matriarch told him to do.

I am quite sure that Canada recoganises this aspect of child soldier…..wait, I will google it for you….yup, found the bit.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy and Minister for International Co-operation and Minister responsible for la Francophonie, Diane Marleau, today announced that Canada will support four projects to protect children in armed conflict…….


“The use of children as soldiers has escalated worldwide due to the advent of light weapons technology, the rise of intrastate conflict, and the increase in guerrilla and rebel forces,” said Mr. Axworthy. “However, those forms of exploitation or deplorable situations that deprive children of their right to fully realize their mental and physical potential, and expose them to hazardous and dangerous situations, contravene a basic human right.”

Canada has actively supported working groups established by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to elaborate two optional protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child: One on the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography, and the other on children in situations of armed conflict.

So this begs the question…..why is the government of Canada (both Liberals and the Conservatives) acting against the law of the land? All because the public opinion is against the Khadr family? If this person has killed soldiers, please, by all means throw the book at him. But do it here in Canada under Canadian law with Canadian judges and Canadian lawyers.

Both Are Right And Both Are Wrong

Middle East is a pendulum of “Israel is wrong and Palestine is right” and then it’s the other way around so there is no way of saying (like everyone is) that this time Palestinians were wronged. It’s a case (and always has been a case) of them bombing us first.

But one thing that Israel always has had is an upper hand, militarily. With the strong and unconditional support of the US, Israel has a strong military and a strong counter insurgency and spy program. And they have been a target of a ferocious guerrilla campaign from the Palestinians. So no one in their right mind can say anything against a military campaign that Israel has carried out from time to time.

So why is does it feel so wrong this time?

I would venture to say that unlike the previous times when a car carrying suspect terrorist leader would be bombed or an apartment building housing some Hamas leader would be blown, this time, it’s an all out assault.

And the victims are innocent civilians who are being used as shields by Hamas. But why the world is so taken aback by this scenario is that everyone knows that human shields are being used, including Israel, but it almost seems like they don’t care. They don’t care who is affected by this assault as long as they stop the Hamas missiles. And when you read news like this, you know that this attack is wrong on so many levels.


A similar pause on Wednesday enabled rescue teams from the International Committee of the Red Cross to enter some areas for the first time since Israel’s ground offensive began last weekend after days of air-strikes. In one area, the Committee reported Thursday, its representatives discovered “shocking” scenes including four children next to their mother’s corpses. The children were too weak to stand on their own, the aid organization said.

This just makes me mad. Isn’t this a typical idiotic response from Israelis? Guerrilla attacks answered by  ruthless bombardment of civilian areas. I know Israelis fancy themselves to be really smart cookies, so is this the best these guys can come up with? Kill everything in sight and then not even ask questions later. Then they wonder why there is a blowback. They had better make sure they kill everything everyone else those kids mourning their mother will grow up to be the next generation of Palestinian “terrorists”.

And what makes me even more mad is this :

(a protester at an anti-Israel rally says “Hitler Didn’t Do A Good Job”)

(a Muslim woman shouts at the opposing rally “go back to the ovens”)

These are your everyday Americans/Canadians who are essentially saying that what happened in the Third Reich was OK. I do not harbour hate towards people, but this is an act I despise and it makes me want to smack these assholes. I really wish that these people are tracked down by the MSM or by a citizen reporter and confronted when there is no crowd around. This is sheer ugliness and they are winning no friends.

And before you say “see it’s the Muslims who are hateful”, see this :

(a group of Israel supportes shouting at anti-Israel crowd : “terrorists” and “….those virgins are waiting for you” and “…..the one people to die to get laid”

And to all the morons (Ezra Levant et al), critisizing Israel is not being anti semitic. Just like calling GW Bush an A Class Moron is not being anti-US.

News Of The Day

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

In another sign of the music industry’s recently announced retreat from a five-year-old antipiracy strategy, the Recording Industry Association of America has dumped the company it used to help it gather evidence for mass lawsuits it filed against people it claimed were illegally uploading copyrighted music. The RIAA long used a company called MediaSentry to troll the Internet in search of people who uploaded large amounts of music.

This company was responsible for:

Is Warner Music, EMI, Vivendi Universal and Sony BMG ‘investigator’ MediaSentry operating illegally in your state?

The Massachusetts State police have already banned the company, it’s been accused of operating without a licence in Oregon, Florida, Texas and New York, and now similar charges have been levelled at it in Michigan.

A complaint was filed by a Recording Industry vs The People reader with the state’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth resulting in confirmation that MediaSentry has no official authorisation to carry out so-called ‘investigations’ there.

“We encourage parties to pursue complaints against unlicensed parties and the local prosecutor,” says the response.

“The prosecutor can prosecute these cases as felonies, with a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine and/or up to four years in prison.”

The Big 4 and their RIAA are already on very shaky ground with MediaSentry.

Not to change the topic but the subject, I am not a big fan of illegal downloads but I still do it.

I recently downloaded the new Guns & Roses album and gave it a listen before deciding if I want to buy it from a store or not. Thank god I gave it a listen before I purchased it. It would have been a waste of money. In the meantime, I downloaded Beck’s Modern Guilt and loved it!! I then downloaded it legally from amazon.

The music industry is really in doldrums as far their current business model is concerned. They really need to ramp up this digital presence in a way that does not seem like we the customers are being screwed out of our money.

Run!! It’s A Muslim!!!


A head scarf landed a Muslim woman in jail Tuesday after she refused to remove it during a hearing at the Douglasville Municipal Court.

Lisa Valentine, also known by her Islamic name, Miedah, 40, was arrested for ‘violating a court policy of no headgear’, Chris Womack, deputy chief of operations for the Douglasville Police Department said on Wednesday.

Valentine was in court with a nephew who was facing a traffic citation. She was wearing a hijab, the head covering worn by Muslim women.

When she refused to remove it she was handcuffed and taken to Judge Keith Rollins’ chambers. He cited her for contempt and ordered her held in jail for 10 days.

Welcome to the new America. Where paranoia rules and reason and logic and freedom of religion/speech etc. are just words. I wonder what the judge’s reaction to a Sikh or a Jew (wearing a Kippah)? Would he have reacted in the same way?

It’s so easy to hate, isn’t it?

Here Are Some Things I Have Learned In The Past 24 Hours (Updated 1st Dec. 2008) (Updated 2nd Dec. 2008)

  1. Terrorism is now a fact of life in India no matter how much India prospers.
  2. Terrorism in India will always, ALWAYS, be supported by countries surrounding India which includes Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka to name a few. But nothing will be done about it because reprecussions of any military action will be met with force from not only the offending country but also but the world at large. And political action is not possible because our politicians lack the imagination. India will continue to take blows.
  3. Twitter is the best place to go if you want up to minute updates of the situation on the ground. I think today the number one traffic generator on Twitter was #Mumbai.
  4. Politicians of the current Congress party are uninspiring and verbal fumblers.
  5. Politicians from the RSS are demagogues and dangerous. I think they are going to use this terrorism act to their advantage in the up coming 2009 election. Look out for Thakeray and co. to completely exploit this day.
  6. Politicians blame everything on Pakistan from the word go. Getting the facts and then starting the blame game is something these idiots are not really familiar with.
  7. Sara Snider of CNN who is in Mumbai covering the Mumbai terrorism, is a fucking moron. See this clip ( Her comment on people “celebrating” outside police lines because they are just curious on lookers was outrageously insensitive. I was really happy to see a brave gentleman interrupt her bullshit on live TV. Kudos to you sir.

Updates to follow.

> The blame game has started. There is no doubt that there was involvement of Pakistan citizens on the attack. I think the question is, is the State of Pakistan involved?

> Will there be a intelligence overhaul? No idea and I don’t think the public will be informed either way. Anyway, if this attack was, as is being reported in the media, from Pakistan, there was no way to prepare for it or avoid it.

> It is important for everyone to understand that the attack hit home for many elite and upper middle class people which changes the whole dimension of this episode and it has the potential to have far reaching effects on how terrorism will be treated in India.

It was easy for the ruling class and the bureaucratic class of India to ignore bomb attacks that took lives of mainly poor people over the last few months but this attack has hit the rulers. And that is pathetic on so many levels. This incident will confirm that a “rich/richer” life in India is worth MORE than a “poor/common man” life. And that will never ever change.

Updated on 2nd Dec. 2008

> So far the best analysis that I have read, regarding the Mumbai attacks is here.

Bill Carroll – Continues Being Wrong (And An Idiot)

I caught a part of Bill Carroll’s show today and I have to wonder why CFRB lets this gas bag use their airwaves.

The argument was about this Jewish professor in York University who wants to continue with the classes in York University despite the fact that it closes down for Rosh Hashana (something to do with a clause by the founders). The professor explains that this is a human rights’ violation as far as students of other religion are concerned. The professor’s argument was that this is actually detrimental to the cause of Jewish people. The more you thrust your religion down someone’s throat, the worse you look.

Then Bill followed it with an idiotic comment which just cements in mind the fact that Bill Carroll is retard. I am paraphrasing :

“Don’t you think that Christians are unfairly targeted, especially in the private sector, when they want a holiday on say Good Friday where the employer would say something like “but are you that religious?” If a member of another religion were to ask for a holiday, they would get it right away. And even though this country was founded on Christianity, it’s the Christians who are always defensive about their religion and the religions of the minorities get a pass?”

Here we go again with “attacking Christianity” theme. Does this guy take his lessons from Bill O’Reilly? I mean, I am really tired of this nonsense theme from “real” Christians and from the politically correct people.

My answer to Billy is : as a member of the minority group, I can take a day off from work from my private sector job but the day off comes from my holiday bank. That goes the same for Muhammad on Eid and the same for Dingane on Kwanzaa and the same for Harpal Singh on Diwali and on and on and on. I don’t know of any company in Canada that says to it’s minority group “sure, go ahead, take a day off as part of celebration of your main holiday. And it will not come from your holiday bank.” But when it’s time for Christmas, work slows down to a crawl as everyone is off, some private companies give a few days off between Christmas day and New Year’s Day, people are slacking as no one seems to want to work…..and what’s that sound? That’s the sound of the management saying “aw shucks. It’s Christmas.”

So Bill. Please shut up. We minorities recoganise very well that Canada is predominantly a Christian country and will be one for a very, very, very long time. Christmas day has been ingrained into the minds of every one around the world. I mean, when even when I was a kid in India, we would look forward to 25th Dec because we knew it would be a day off for all of us.

And if you must take the day off on Good Friday, well do what the rest of us do…..take it from your holiday bank and stop moaning about it.

And can someone please, please shut Jaquie Delaney up? She has steadily become Bill’s lap dog and mouths off absolute nonsense on The Bill Carroll Show.