Halifax Trip

We love our neighbors.

Since our move to the neighborhood, we have steadily morphed from friendly neighbors to good friends.

We have out together all the time. Try new restaurants. Exchange good with each other all the time. Jump into each other’s hot tub or swimming pool. Go on vacations.

The last vacation was to Joanne’s home town Halifax.

Sure we chose the wrong month to go. It was COLD!!

But when you are with friends, everything is amazing.

On our way!
Phone therapy after the flight
On the boat to downtown Halifax.
Jo and Diane.
One of the stops during Joanne’s tour
Taking shelter from the brutal rain and wind
Yes. It was very cold!
Yes. There were lunatics oyster fishing
Simon. The photographer.
Bob and Diane. I know exactly what Bob’s hand is doing. The pervert.
Jo and Pre drunk Simon
In Halifax to celebrate Bob’s birthday
At the infamous Lower Deck
Bob’s birthday
Bob was everywhere
Old as shit
Waking in Jo’s neighborhood
Had a great time in Halifax.

One thought on “Halifax Trip

  1. Neerja sharma November 24, 2018 / 10:30 am

    Hi dear ….lovely pics …..posed well and try to capture in good frame …👍

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