03November2014 : Top 5 Albums Of The Week

This week’s top 5 albums are :

1) Jessica Lea Mayfield (Make My Heart Sing)

You in the mood for minimalist sound mixed with brash guitar work all show casing one of the sweetest voice? Then give this album a try. Stunning comes to mind. From the crunching “Oblivious” to the beautiful “Standing in The Sun” to the emotional “Party Drugs”. This is one musician I will definitely see live!

2) Foxygen (…. And Star Power)

Their 2013 “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic” was a masterpiece and I assumed that everything they did after that would be an ode to that album. Boy, was I wrong! “….. And Star Power”. Even though the first thought that came to my mind after listening to 82 minutes of eclectic, vintage, jumbled sounds was “Ostentatious”, the album is brilliant. There are numerous riffs and tunes to keep you satisfied. Moreover, the weirdness of the album is what I really love. You never know what you are going to get in the next 10 seconds. A totally un-formulaic album. Highly recommended!

3) Library Voices (For John)

This is a band that really surprised me. The last album was ho hum affair so I switched on this album thinking it will be the same like last one. The first song ” Some Mezcal Morning” proved to me otherwise. A slow, lush, bluesy and a melodious song that opens an album which proves that the group had gone through a radical change. I remember the previous album was some pop sounding, bouncy piece of work which one forgets after one listen. But this one is a wonderful album.

Unfortunately this is the only link I found. Hope you have Google Music

Some Mezcal Morning

4) Alvvays (Alvvays)

In an alternate universe this album would be at the top of the charts. Brilliant!!

5) Allo Darlin’ (We Come from the Same Place)

Another sophisticated pop album from the band that seems not want to change a winning formula. Either way.  Excellent album.




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