Top 5 Atheist Songs On My iPod

Here are what I consider top 5 atheist songs in rotation on my iPod. Yes. I still use an iPod because my Nexus 4 is not expandable beyond 16GB. Go figure!

1) Head Rolls Off – Frightened Rabbit

How can you not like these lyrics?

When my blood stops,
Someone else’s will not.
When my head rolls off,
Someone else’s will turn.
And while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth

2) Heresy – Nine Inch Nails

Leave it to NIN to come up with a simple chorus :

God Is Dead And No One Cares

3) Heathen Child – Grinderman

She don’t care about Allah
She is the Allah
Don’t care about Buddha
She is the Buddha

Coz, she’s a heathen child

4) Marker In The Sand – Pearl Jam

Those undecided needn’t have faith to be free
And those misguided, there was a plan for them to be
Now you got both sides claiming killing in God’s name
But god is nowhere to be found, conveniently

What goes on?

5) Science Of Silence – Richard Ashcroft

Is it my genes that have made me?

Is it the things I took, is it the things I said
Does karma rule?
Well if there’s a God well can you hear me now?

I am crying out, hoping you know
And in my baby’s arms I need no faith
I need no words to define myself
And when I’m holding you, light rushing through

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