Sinead O’ Connor (How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?)

Sometimes a singer or a band on whom I have given up comes back to slap on my head and remind me why I fell in love with their songs in the first place.

This time it was Sinead O’ Connor.

Her new album How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? is a forceful reminder that the the singer is anything but out. Never really knew her numerous personal problems. It was only after hearing the album littered with heartfelt confessions about lost love and her  having a baby with a married man that I found that she has had a colourful (for tabloid readers although I am sure that they were painful for her) years.

The album starts, surprisingly, with a happy and a peppy song (4th & Vine). This catchy, hip-hop type song will win you over right away! Song is about falling in love and being very, very happy! The song kinda lets the listener let down her/his guard and then starts the emotional onslaught starting with “Reason With Me” a song about making wrong decisions in life. She continues to play the person in love with “Old Lady” and then takes a swipe at religious pedophiles in “Take Off Your Shoes“.

All songs here made me sympathise with her even though her personal life seems to indicate someone who does not fully grasp the  consequences of her actions. I guess in the end, the heart gets what the heart wants. All said and done, her tumultuous life means music that feeds your soul! And you should be eternally thankful for that.

Highly recommended!

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