Bob Dylan Tempest

Needless to say Bob Dylan has had a remarkable career. The kind of career he has had is something people aspire to and consider themselves successful once they achieve 1/4th of what Bob Dylan has achieved.

I have been a fan of his for the last 10 years or so. I went through his catalog from his folk era (which was remarkable), his electric era (which was outstanding), his lost years era in the 80s (which I thought were plain awful) & his 90s/00 era. Which is where my love for Bob Dylan went exponentially huge!

Starting from his 1997 album Love & Theft to his latest, Tempest, I believe that (at least in my mind) Bob Dylan has gone from legend to immortal.

His latest is a spiraling work of murder, suicide, regret, the Titanic sinking and  death of his peers (John Lennon features prominently in this album). His music in the album  is outstanding and going further away from regular blues and rock. His lyrics swing from whimsical to out right psychopathic.

All in all, a fantastic album from the maestro!

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