Yes. I am alive and well and kicking it!The last two months have been a blur as life around the Sharma household went up a gear. Here’s what’s been happening :

Wife bought a clinic. Yup. It’s official now. Charu bought a practice in Kitchener, Ontario and has started working part time at her clinic. Why part time? She has retained the previous owner to ensure that the transition is smooth. As you can tell, she is very proud of herself.

Rhea, my daughter, has been, as usual, has been handful. She has found out that I can be lied to quite easily and has been taking advantage of that fact. I am just afraid that her lying will go from innocent remarks to putting a spin on me. Anyway, am really enjoying this phase with her. She is funny…..

….she is laughing most of the time….

….she is learning how to swim better. And despite her complaints about swimming being complete boring, I think she has a pretty good time in the pool….

….and our bed time ritual is our favourite. We read a book to each other. She has been reading Dear Dumb Diary to me and I have been reading  Macbeth to her these days. There was a yikes moment when we stumbled on the word WHORE and all the linguistic jujitsu from me was not enough to satiate her curiosity. She being born in 21st century, activated the dictionary on the kindle and tried to read ”Promiscuous Person”. Saved! .

We have been trying to keep ourselves occupied this winter. Thankfully, mother nature has been good to all of us. No mountains of snow. Just enough to walk about in

As far as I am concerned, I have realised my role in this place called earth. My role is a supporting role. Supporting my wife through her business and supporting my daughter through her childhood. I accept this roles and am happy to see them fulfilled. The only time I get to spend with myself is during my commute to work and when I am running.

Yes, running is still a big part of my life. I am planning to run the Mississauga marathon on 6th May, 2012 and am seriously considering the 50 K Sulphur Spring Run in end of May. Still on the fence because I have not been able to do a really really long run yet. We will see how my training progresses in the next few weeks.

One of my aims is also to keep updating this blog. I know I have promised so many times before but this time I will aim low. I hope to update this blog once a week. And then we will see how to proceed from there.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Update : Here are some other pictures from the past few weeks that you might enjoy.

As you can see, her modesty just shines through :).

Can anyone guess why I took this picture? :)

Had the great pleasure of seeing the Heartless Bastards at the Horseshoe Tavern. They were, in a word, outstanding! Erika Wennerstrom pipes are just out of this world! Love the band and their new album.

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