Movies Review!!

Got an opportunity to watch a couple of movies last week and here are moi reviews :

The Social Network

Finally, watched the movie about Mark Zuckerberg (MZ) the official founder of Facebook – The Social Network. The movie has been reviewed to death by all the podcasts I follow so I had a fair idea what was coming. But I did not realise that I would be of the opinion that this is the most ho-hum movie EVAH!

The story, for those living under a rock, is about the creation process of facebook. It is about a genius who uses other peoples’ ideas to create facebook. The acting was really good considering the paper thin story. Thank god for Aaron Sorkin. Without him this movie would have been a train wreck. However, the use, or rather the misuse of female characters was a glaring f*ck-up by Sorkin. Why was it difficult to show that MZ actually has been a relationship with a girl since he met her in his sophomore year? Because, that’s not what Hollywood wants. And the movie is littered with these kinds of twist to the truth and that really put me off.

The basis of the movie is these depositions taking place between MZ and the people who “came up” with the idea of facebook. I put those quotes because I am not entirely convinced if the idea of facebook was from MZ’s richer co-students. However, I have read that he may have taken the idea from a school he used to attend. Or maybe he got the idea from the people I referenced to earlier but by doing that does it mean MZ took a simple idea and expanded it further and shut out the original contributors? Possibly. But that does not make him a thief. A prick, but not a thief. Anyway, the these co-students were paid off handsomely (BTW, they claim that the pay off actually cheated them out of the agreed amount and they have sued again!)

The other deposition in the movie was with Eduardo Saverin (ES) the original business partner and initial financier of facebook. The movie shows that ES was pushed out of the picture once Sean Parker (SP), played absolutely brilliantly by Justin Timberlake, showed up with connections to money. Although, the SP character is shown to be a lout, he did go on to do what was expected from ES (who instead of focusing on the company, decided to focus on his career). Of course, the movie had to show that ES was thrown under the bus and it probably is true. But if I am running a business which is on the verge of exploding and I have financiers lining up but one the founding members (who has to be involved in key business decisions) is absent, I would probably do the same thing MZ did. Anyway, ES did settle for a huge chunk of facebook and is now worth $1 billion. And that is without having done absolutely nothing. The American Dream!

So, why did I think the movie was ho-hum? Mostly because I knew it did not represent the truth. But also, I really admire MZ. The site he created and the way he managed it was absolutely brilliant. Although I detest facebook’s privacy policy, the site is still a huge part of my life. And the fact that Aaron Sorkin (another person I really admire) ) used his skills to create a movie laced with half truths and lies forces me to give this movie 5 out of 10.

Harry Potter : Deathly Hallows Part 1

One of the few times, I have made an effort to see the movie as soon as it came out. I probably should not have bothered and waited for the DVD.

As a fan of the books, I wanted to see if the movie could do justice. Since translating a book into a movie is an arduous task, I had kept my expectations low but, boy, was I disappointed. I should have realised with Hollywood involved, they would screw up the screenplay. The focus of the book was on the underlying story and the sheer dejection of Harry Potter and his friends as they flounder about looking for horcruxes. But the focus of the movie was on action and explosions and snakes eating up bodies. The idea of the deathly hallows was presented but it was just rushed through and that aspect of the story just never developed. On whole, really disappointed. Oh well, I can only hope that part 2 helps in redeeming the franchise.

My rating : 6.5 out of 10

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