Favourite 2009 Albums

Right. It’s time to do my top 10 albums of the year 2009. Inspired by Will, Barrett and Chris (WBC!!) from Wills Band Of The Week.

10) The Decemberists.

Album : The Hazards Of Love.
Track: The Hazards Of Love.

The album not as powerful as The Crane Wife but still packs a punch. And the voice of Colin Meloy. Wow!!!
9) Noah And The Whale.

Album : The First Days Of Spring

Track : Blue Skies

Amazing, amazing album!!! Listened to it from track 1 to the last track on the first go. Will be keeping a sharp eye on this band. (h/t to WBC)

8) The Phantom Band

Album : Checkmate Savage

Track : Crocodile (Instrumental)

I don’t really remember why I downloaded this album but I am infinitely thankful to the thought that possessed me to do so. Another superb album. Tapers off a little in the end but the songs Crocodile and The Left Hand  Wave are the constants in my runners playlist.

7) Bill Callahan

Album : Somtimes I Wish I Were An Eagle

Track : Faith/Void

What a voice!! I love the singing style of Leonard Cohen and this guy fits the bill perfectly. Solid songs with amazing music and lyrics. I especially like this song which opens with “It’s Time To Put God Away”. (h/t to WBC)

6) We Were Promised Jetpacks

Album : These Four Walls

Track : It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning

I seem to be having some Scotland phase going on. This is the second band from Scotland that I totally in love with. The first one being Frightened Rabbit. I guess the Scots can really play the gloomy pop music that I love.

5) Wilco

Album : Wilco

Track : Bull Black Nova

What a great band!! Alternating from country, to blues, to downright guitar rock that will knock your socks off!! This band was so good that my 6 year old daughter, who usually snubs the music I listen, actually liked it!!(h/t to WBC)

4) The Clean

Album : Mister Pop

Track : Moonjumper

I listened to this album and did not really get it. But during a drive to work I put the album on and by the time Moonjumper started to play, I fell in love with the album. Psychedelic and pop mixed are one of my favourite styles of music. Throw in some solid guitar work and soothing lyrics and you have got yourself a winner! It would be interesting to go back to the older stuff.

3) Eels

Album : Hombre Lobo

Track : Prizefighter

For some reason I am in love with the lazy, hazy, droning vocals and music. I guess I can blame it on growing up with Indian classical music where the focus is on repetitiveness. Excellent music and superb lyrics.

2) Dan Mangan

Album : Nice, Nice, Very Nice

Tracks : Road Regrets

I an an avid fan of CBC Radio 3, a great platform for Indie artists, and have discovered awesome music listening to the podcast. One of the “finds” was Dan Mangan. When I first listened to his song (Road Regrets) to me it sounded so much like one hit wonder type of music. But I decided to try his album at least once and before I knew it, I was hooked to his music!! I liked the way he has mixed the music. There are pop songs, melancholy songs, rock songs and the album leaves you satisfied. Definitely an artist to watch out for.

1) The Pink Mountaintops

Album : Outside Love

Track : Axis: Thrones Of Love

Here is a band that epitomizes my love for music. Powerful lyrics touching all the forbidden/difficult human traits (love, sex, death, emotional pain). Music that has hazy, lazy guitar that explode exactly when required. Vocals that growl and are right on pitch with the claustrophobic music. Back up musicians who know exactly when to play and when to stop. This band has it all. I have listened to their older stuff and to the music from their alternate band The Black Mountains, and this “side project” is way more powerful than anything they have done so far. Outside Love is ultimately an album about Love and Hate and it’s consequences on you. By far the best album of 2009!!

You can listen to the tracks here (unfortunately, I could not get the order right)

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