My New Obsession

So, I found this site through stumbliing (what did people do on the internet before stumbling?) called This site presents itself as internet radio managed by you, the user. You essentially create lists of songs you like and then broadcast it to the world. That’s it.

As with every technology in the world, the ones that do well are the ones that are simple and intutive. You upload songs from your computer and then start mixing them up and create lists. If you like a certain mix by another user, leave a comment, follow that person’s mixes, or click on “next mix” and the site is intelligent enough to present you with a similar mix. Simple as ABC. There are numerous categories for you to choose from. And if you really like some music (e.g. I found I love CocoRosie‘s music), there is a link to amazon and you can purchase your music.

As per their Legal  page, their site works because the bitchy organisation called RIAA (and it’s counterpart in Canada called CRIA) is paid for each song uploaded and played on the site. Which is probably why RIAA has not issued takedown orders to 8Tracks. (note : Isn’t it funny, RIAA does not care where the song originated. (I may have downloaded it ileagally and uploaded to But because RIAA gets paid, they say “aw shucks”).

Anyway, there are restrictions. Only 2 songs from one album and you cannot skip songs more twice on a mix which I think is fair. If I create a mix, please listen to it and don’t skip over and over every song. If you think the mix is not good, just skip to the next mix.

The things I like about this site it how easy it is to find music of your taste. All I had to was to click on my desired categorise and off I went. And I did create a couple of mixes for your listening pleasure (you do not have to sign on to listen – that’s another amazing part!!). Here are the lists. Hope you like them :

Why Indie Music Is Awesome!

Indie Music For Your Pensive Mood

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