Men Who Stare At Goats – No Spoilers

*This is my first review of a movie so please excuse the cliches!!

So, I was able to get away from my routine on Saturday and, with nothing much to do, I decided to go for a movie. I really wanted to see The Invention Of Lying but it’s not playing in too many theatres (- why?),  so it was either some new horror movie (a genre that I cannot stand) or the new Clooney movie. I chose the later.

Thank god I listened to my inner self. What a fantastic movie!!

The synopsis of the movie is : back in the cold war days, the US government started a secret program to train soldiers with telepathic powers.The movie is about how the program started in the 80s until the beginning of Gulf War II.

The story is excellent and written brilliantly. But the way it’s told as a movie, falls short of the great cinematic experience it could have been. Up until 15 minutes before the movie was going to end, I thought it was one of the best anti-war movies I had seen in a long time, then, it fizzled. It almost seemed that the director/producer/who-ever-was-in-charge-of-the-movie could not decide what was the best way to finish the movie so they probably shot a few endings and let a popcorn-munching, happy-ending, crowd decide how the movie should end. The ending just makes the movie fall flat on it’s face.

George Clooney was excellent in the movie, a guy seeking meaning to his life through his “psychic” abilities. I thought he played a whimsical version of the character he played in Syrianna. Ewan McGregor plays a run of the mill journalist who happens to “fit into” the designs of these psychic soldiers. He plays his role excellently, as usual, and when there is a reference to Jedi Knights in the movie, you can almost see the twinkle in his eyes!

On the whole highly recommended but on DVD.

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