Thoughts On The Scotiabank Half Marathon In Toronto

I have taken running half marathons in the last two years or so and I have never felt as alive as I do when I finish a 21 KM run. The delicious ache that flows through the body for a day or so is exhilarating although the the crash that follows is PAINFUL on the legs.

The thrill that one experiences as the run is about to start is pretty amazing!

  • The leg muscles are tense.
  • The crowd’s thrill starts to infect you.
  • The iPod is switched on.
  • Just before the start, you start focusing your mind towards the run.
  • And the start……I feel as if I have just sprouted wings and am ready to fly.

I am usually able to maintain my enthusiasm until the 10 KM mark. After that for the next 3 – 4 KM it’s a struggle to gain back the momentum. I start popping more gummy bears, start drinking more water which is probably what I should stop doing. This stopping and starting kills me. Once I get my runner’s high back, I can run fairly well until the last 3 KM or so. I feel like I have bricks for legs and I start plopping to the finish line.

And that’s what happened on Scotiabank Marathon as well. I was sure I would crack the 2:15 hour mark but I finished with a pathetic 2:21 hour.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the run except the last 3 KM. Need to practice more.

I did have an issue with the organisation of the event. I mean, the organisers had done a superb job on the course but the approach to downtown (by car) where the event was to start from was absolutely pathetic. I had given myself enough time to reach the venue but because all the approaches to the downtown core were closed (and on the site there was no information that these approaches would be closed), I barely made it to the run on time.

Moreover, once the run was finished, the runners were carted to a cordoned area (understandable, as the organisers did not want anyone other than runner to eat food) where we were squeezed to the point where I was actually claustrophobic. I mean, we have just finished a run, we want to relax and enjoy some food but no, we were squeezed and had to go through back ways to get where we wanted after jostling with fellow runners. Very annoying.

But I will come back to the run again and maybe, just maybe, I will run the full marathon next time


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