Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Indians happier than Americans and British…..Oh please!! What the hell are you talking about? Did you actually visit the millions and millions of destitute living in villages? I don’t believe this survey at all. I am pretty sure that it was done mostly in cities and not the villages.
  2. Leaving New York this weekend via LaGuardia airport I got the full brunt of the famous New York attitude. Every employee and every person at the airport was in a bad mood and I got lip from quite a few even though I had two large bags and a 6 year old to take care of…..
  3. This is just sad and naysayers say US does not need health care reform.
  4. Reason number 1,352 as to why Bill O’Reilly is a douche.
  5. I take ‘separating’ the trash very seriously as my family and friends would testify. And when the government started the Green Bin program (separate the organic trash from the rest), I have been diligently doing what was asked of me. So when I hear that my efforts are going to the dumps (literally), it makes me mad!!
  6. Some garbage workers at city transfer stations say they have routinely mixed green bin organics, which are supposed to be composted, with regular trash bound for Michigan dumps. The reason for this is that the green bin waste weighs more than regular garbage, and the extra tonnage is needed to get the Michigan-bound trucks up closer to their maximum weight.

  7. Apocalypse might be around the corner!!
  8. Yellowstone is a volcano, and not just any volcano. The oldest, most famous national park in the United States sits squarely atop one of the biggest volcanoes on Earth. Doane was wrong, however, in one crucial respect. Yellowstone’s volcano is not extinct. To an unsettling degree, it is very much alive……There are volcanoes, and then there are supervolcanoes…..The last three super-eruptions have been in Yellowstone itself. The most recent, 640,000 years ago, was a thousand times the size of the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980, which killed 57 people in Washington. But numbers do not capture the full scope of the mayhem. Scientists calculate that the pillar of ash from the Yellowstone explosion rose some 100,000 feet, leaving a layer of debris across the West all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Pyroclastic flows—dense, lethal fogs of ash, rocks, and gas, superheated to 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit—rolled across the landscape in towering gray clouds. The clouds filled entire valleys with hundreds of feet of material so hot and heavy that it welded itself like asphalt across the once verdant landscape.

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