Only In New York

I will be spending this week in New York, in Manhattan, and I have already seen a few things that in the normal course of daily life in Toronto would be “strange”.

> I and Rhea were on our way to my friend’s house in a cab and, not surprisingly, the cab driver almost crashed into a cyclist! If you have been for a ride on a cab in New York, you know what I am talking about. It’s literally a roller coaster ride. Anyway, it was clearly the cab driver’s fault and the shouting match that ensued after the driver stepped out of the cab was bound to end up in someone getting beaten up. I stayed in the cab for a minute or so, with my daughter and asking her to look away as I was sure that, based on the anger of the cab driver and the cyclist, a fight was about to start. But a minute later, both the cyclist and the cab driver were shaking hands and giving each other hugs!!! Only In New York!!

> Went for a run along FDR to Brooklyn bridge and back. It was a super duper hot day but it as it was one of the few hot days in New York (so I was told), the running route was crowded with runners, cyclists and walkers. The funny thing I noticed was almost 7 out of 10 walkers who were dressed like they were out for a power walk, were smoking away!!! It was the strangest oxymoron I ever saw. Out for a healthy walk and smoking at the sametime. Only in New York!!

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