Lars Ulrich

Oh Lars, see? How easy it was to download something you created and payed for? I have all the first 5 albums on CDs of your band but ever since my daughter was born, I have had to move all my guy stuff to the basement. So, to avoid digging up the albums for some project (new iPod, making a collection of songs for my car), I do what’s easiest. I download your music using torrents. I know you think it’s illeagal but if you come knocking on my door and try and arrest me, I will produce the copies I already paid you for…….so please join us common folk. We really do not steal.

We borrow and propogate your music.

BTW, I am glad you have moved you concert in Toronto into ACC. The last time you were here you and you band members performed in the Roger’s Centre, I could barely see you and had to stick to watching you drum on monitors which I could have easily done at my home. See you in October!!

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