Random Links

  1. Only in India can convicted crooks become politicians. <Link>
  2. An excellent book blog. <Link>
  3. I usually do not agree with most of what’s on nationalinterest.in as I think they are far too obsessed with blasting Pakistan from the face of the Earth, but this is actually a good analysis on BJP and their politicking. <Link>. What I like about the post is how the authour nails the sad truth about politics in India

    …….a riot or two has never affected the political fortunes of Indian politicians.

  4. Holy cow!!! If this article is true, India-Pakistan were a hair’s depth away from attaining permanent solution to the Kashmir issue. Although why the authour went from high level politics to what the Mumbai terrorists were saying to their Pakistani handlers, I really don’t know. <Link>.
  5. Life after Battlestar Galactica’s stars.<Link>
  6. Man, the Chinese government sure is really serious about censorship!! <Link>
  7. Here are some effective ways of using Wikipedia. <Link>

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