Hate. Hate. Hate (Part 2)


India’s election authority has censured the great-grandson of India’s first prime minister for making hate speeches against minority Muslims during political rallies ahead of the country’s national elections.

The Election Commission’s order came late Sunday after footage emerged of 29-year-old Varun Gandhi, who is seeking a seat in Parliament for the first time on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), comparing a rival Muslim politician to Osama bin Laden and threatening to cut the throats of Muslims during political rallies.

I have to ask the obvious question, who the fuck sponsors these kind of people to politics? These self anointed saviours of Hinduism are the scum that feeds at the bottom of a barrel. The sad fact is that uneducated masses of India will follow whosoever says “Jai Sri Ram” the loudest. It is pathetic how India portrays itself to be this developing super power and yet is run by people advocating mass murder in the name of religion. Case in point, we have a murderer running the state of Gujrat (the state in which, ironically, the peace loving Mahatma Gandhi was born).

And once caught on tape, would the main Hindu body, back track to cover the faux pax? No, no, that would be too “cowardly”. Instead they did a brave thing by saying :

The state unit president of the All India Hindu Mahasabha, Mahant Narayan Giri, told newspersons that Varun Gandhi has said nothing wrong in his speech and was being targeted for speaking for the cause of “Hindutva”.

Aah, yes, the old defend, the poor weak Hindus because they are third class citizens of India where they constitute 80% of the population. And I just lost my lunch when I read this by Varun Gandhi :

“It’s a very sad day in Indian politics when anyone who speaks for Hindus is branded communal.”

Communal. God fucking damn!! You represent a party that is nothing BUT communal. Each and every riot in the last 20 years can be traced back to BJP and their subsidiary parties.

Shame on you all who vote for these people.

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