End Of Cricket In Pakistan?


LAHORE, PAKISTAN — At least a dozen men attacked Sri Lanka’s cricket team with rifles, grenades and rocket launchers Tuesday ahead of a match in Pakistan, wounding seven players, an umpire and an assistant coach from Britain in a brazen assault on South Asia’s most beloved sport. Six policemen and a civilian were killed.

The players’ and the coach’s injuries were not life-threatening, officials said. The umpire was in critical condition.

In a coordinated attack, the assailants ambushed the convoy carrying the squad and match officials at a traffic circle 100 yards (meters) from the main sports stadium in the eastern city of Lahore, triggering a 15-minute gunbattle with police guarding the vehicles.

None of the attackers was killed or captured at the scene, city police chief Haji Habibur Rehman said. Authorities did not speculate on the identities of the attackers or their motives.

Oh great. So even the most revered sport in South Asia is not left alone by the fucking terrorists. What crap, man. When Australia and India canceled their tours due to security concerns, I was of the opinion that these countries are over-reacting. I mean, who in their right mind would attack a sport that Pakistan, itself, excels in and tarnish the reputation of the country?

But I guess the terrorists don’t really care as long as they get their “holy land”.

And can the politicians in Pakistan get a little more back bone and take care of this issue? It was always with a wink and a nod that the politicians catered to the powerful islamic forces in the country. And now that the perception of the country is slowly turning to a “failed” state, can they move to curb these terror laden organisation?

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