Both Are Right And Both Are Wrong

Middle East is a pendulum of “Israel is wrong and Palestine is right” and then it’s the other way around so there is no way of saying (like everyone is) that this time Palestinians were wronged. It’s a case (and always has been a case) of them bombing us first.

But one thing that Israel always has had is an upper hand, militarily. With the strong and unconditional support of the US, Israel has a strong military and a strong counter insurgency and spy program. And they have been a target of a ferocious guerrilla campaign from the Palestinians. So no one in their right mind can say anything against a military campaign that Israel has carried out from time to time.

So why is does it feel so wrong this time?

I would venture to say that unlike the previous times when a car carrying suspect terrorist leader would be bombed or an apartment building housing some Hamas leader would be blown, this time, it’s an all out assault.

And the victims are innocent civilians who are being used as shields by Hamas. But why the world is so taken aback by this scenario is that everyone knows that human shields are being used, including Israel, but it almost seems like they don’t care. They don’t care who is affected by this assault as long as they stop the Hamas missiles. And when you read news like this, you know that this attack is wrong on so many levels.


A similar pause on Wednesday enabled rescue teams from the International Committee of the Red Cross to enter some areas for the first time since Israel’s ground offensive began last weekend after days of air-strikes. In one area, the Committee reported Thursday, its representatives discovered “shocking” scenes including four children next to their mother’s corpses. The children were too weak to stand on their own, the aid organization said.

This just makes me mad. Isn’t this a typical idiotic response from Israelis? Guerrilla attacks answered by  ruthless bombardment of civilian areas. I know Israelis fancy themselves to be really smart cookies, so is this the best these guys can come up with? Kill everything in sight and then not even ask questions later. Then they wonder why there is a blowback. They had better make sure they kill everything everyone else those kids mourning their mother will grow up to be the next generation of Palestinian “terrorists”.

And what makes me even more mad is this :

(a protester at an anti-Israel rally says “Hitler Didn’t Do A Good Job”)

(a Muslim woman shouts at the opposing rally “go back to the ovens”)

These are your everyday Americans/Canadians who are essentially saying that what happened in the Third Reich was OK. I do not harbour hate towards people, but this is an act I despise and it makes me want to smack these assholes. I really wish that these people are tracked down by the MSM or by a citizen reporter and confronted when there is no crowd around. This is sheer ugliness and they are winning no friends.

And before you say “see it’s the Muslims who are hateful”, see this :

(a group of Israel supportes shouting at anti-Israel crowd : “terrorists” and “….those virgins are waiting for you” and “…..the one people to die to get laid”

And to all the morons (Ezra Levant et al), critisizing Israel is not being anti semitic. Just like calling GW Bush an A Class Moron is not being anti-US.

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