Moronic News Of The Day

Read and weep.

Doctors’ body backs down on religion policy

The regulating body for Ontario physicians has backed off a controversial proposal that would have forced doctors to put aside their religious views when dealing with patients.

Protests from the Ontario Medical Association and numerous religious groups appear to have tempered the thinking of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

For example, it could have applied to doctors who not only refuse to prescribe birth control pills, or do fertility treatments for same-sex couples, but also to those who refuse to offer referrals to doctors who do those things.

“Referring is just a way of sloughing off your responsibility,” Rabbi Reuven Bulka of Congregation Machzikei Hadas in Ottawa, said last week. “If you’re opposed to these things, referring is the same as taking part in the evil.”

The new policy, which is scheduled to be voted on today, now serves as more of a warning about what doctors may face from the Human Rights Commission.

And, of course, because this was from National Post, there was no comment from anyone to the effect that the rights of the common man are trodden on when a doctor follows his/her “religious” belief.

If you think your god is going to punish you for saving a life or helping the needy then you really need to rethink this belief thingy of yours.

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