Dilbert – The New Devil

Well, I refer to not Dilbert, perse, But the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams. Here is his latest post on cnn.

This summer I found myself wishing someone would give voters useful and unbiased information about which candidate has the best plans for the economy.

Then I realized that I am someone, which is both inconvenient and expensive. So for once I asked not what my country could do for me.

At considerable personal expense, I commissioned a survey of over 500 economists, drawn from a subset of the members of the American Economic Association, a nonpolitical group, some of whose members had agreed in advance to be surveyed on economic questions.

The results do not represent the economic association’s position. The survey was managed by The OSR Group, a respected national public opinion and marketing research company.

I should pause here and confess my personal biases, since the messenger is part of the story. On social issues, I lean Libertarian, minus the crazy stuff.

Moneywise, I can’t support a candidate who promises to tax the bejeezus out of my bracket, give the windfall to a bunch of clowns with a 14 percent approval rating (Congress), and hope they spend it wisely.

Unfortunately, the alternative to the guy who promises to pillage my wallet is a lukewarm cadaver. I’m in trouble either way.

I just hope whoever gets elected notices that the economists in my survey don’t think that raising my taxes is a priority

I was a big fan of Dilbert in the heydays of The Dilbert Principle but the strip fell out of my favour when I noticed :

a) the strip was becoming heavily commercialised

b) the jokes were repeating themselves

c) Scott Adams is a believer of Intelligent Design

After going through his blogs (here and here), I cannot find his post where he claimed that ID asks “pertinent” questions. Only a completely moronic person could make such a claim. Anyway, here’s PZ Meyers breaking down Adams’ argument the way he does best.

and now I can add

d) Scott Adams, the multi-millionaire is whinning about how he is going to be taxed by Obama (true) and by McCain (not true).

I just don’t understand how someone could be earning millions upon millions of dollars and moaning about having to pay a little more in tax. This is not the thinking of a confident, self made man. This is the thinking of a ego-maniac.

What a tool.

3 thoughts on “Dilbert – The New Devil

  1. PeterC September 17, 2008 / 12:04 pm

    Just a small note, Scott Adams also suggested that babies should be eaten as a solution to world hunger.

    I suspect that his blog is far more satirecal and quickly written than many seem to believe.

  2. PeterC September 18, 2008 / 7:04 am

    I’ll give ya the point, especially since I thought Mr. Adams jumped the shark about the time he started writing books and blogs.

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