So Where Did I Disappear To?

  • Because I am between jobs, I and my daughter moved to New York City to visit my wife.
  • In the first few days of living in NYC, realised that this city is actually quite a beast.
  • The cliche “city never sleeps” is so, so, so, so, true.
  • Looking for the punk/rock music scene for a parent, with a child in tow constantly, is not easy.
  • Central park totally rocks!!!
  • Navigating the streets is so freaking easy.
  • The subway system is at least 10 larger than the one in Toronto and twice as cheap.
  • People ARE friendly despite what you might have heard.
  • City is both the cleanest and the dirtiest I have ever scene.
  • Saw a homeless man eat out of a garbage can in front of Macy’s on the 5th Avenue.
  • Booze shops and eating joints are everywhere. Still have to find a decent used book store.
  • Natural History  Museum is absolutely awesome. Do not take young ones with you or spouses who get bored within 20 minutes of being there.
  • Runners rule the roost here.
  • Some of the women are stunning.
  • Some of the men put me to shame.
  • Love the fact that I can walk into a grocery store and buy beer.
  • Hate the fact the selection of beer is nowhere nearly enough. The Beer Stores in Canada are much, much better.
  • The price of beer is about 75% of what it is in Canada.
  • Tried Sushi here and have fallen in love with it.
  • Living places are tiny and expensive.
  • Kid’s parks are everywhere but they are really dirty.
  • Large South Asian population here.
  • Noticed that most of the obese people are black. Why?

More later……on the whole, I really like New York but cannot see myself living there.

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