GM Lies…..

………but gets away with it.

An Ontario Superior Court judge has chastised General Motors Corp. for announcing the shutdown of a truck plant in Oshawa, Ont., two weeks after signing a new contract with the Canadian Auto Workers that contained commitments that the plant would be kept open.

Mr. Justice David Salmers granted an injunction yesterday ordering the union to end a blockade of the company’s Canadian head office and limit its pickets to 20 people, but said the auto maker “should not be rewarded for improper conduct.”

An end to the picketing. Isn`t that what GM wanted all along?

The corporations that rule Canada and US are completely oblivious to the pains and aches of the regular hard working people who actually help the economy. This really bugs me to no end. GM lied out right and the judge admonishes the company and does absolutely nothing about it. This is pathetic. Good ole corporations win all the time.

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