Is It Necessary?


Dear Prime Minister:

We, the undersigned, urge the parliament of Canada to take immediate action to ban handguns in Canada.

Handguns are intended for one purpose and that is to kill people. Their presence in Canada has resulted in the deaths of far too many people and have no place in our country.

It is time to ban the private ownership of handguns.

This is being pushed quite hard here. Have you seen the youtube clip?

I have no clue how this is going to help? All I know is that owning a handgun in a city is stupid, stupid, stupid.

And please don’t give me any statistics on murders against gun ownership. If you do, then I think I will look into ownership of keeping a 30 foot anaconda in my house. I mean, how many people in Toronto have actual died from an anaconda attack, right?

So, sign away people!!

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