Oh Those Con-servatives In The Wind

And then they wonder why they don’t win an outright majority……

OTTAWA — Next time you’re listening to your favourite radio phone-in show, those pro-Conservative opinions you hear from callers might not be as spontaneous as they sound.

Some of those apparently ad-libbed musings are actually being choreographed at the Conservative Party of Canada’s national headquarters.

For Conservative supporters, the process is as simple as 1-2-3.

Surf the party website. Type in your postal code. Click on a topic you’d like to discuss on the radio.

And the website spits out the times, phone numbers, and names of local talk shows to call — along with a handy list of good things to say about the Conservatives and bad things to say about their opponents. The website includes similar advice for letter-writers to newspapers.

The system has been in place for months but an Ottawa-area talk show host first raised it with listeners Tuesday after learning about it.

The Conservatives describe the practice as state-of-the-art politicking. A party spokesman said the practice offers enhanced transparency, and is used elsewhere in the world.

Would that practice be from….oh I don’t know….the USA? Hmmmm, Mr. Harper, did you steal another page from Boy George?

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