Annoying Co-Workers

I wonder how I would react if this happens to me?

One of my colleagues is a fervently religious woman who is not content practising her faith on her own time, but instead interrogates her co-workers in their cubicles and preaches to them. On one occasion she followed me on my lunch break to a shoe store and chastised me for “shopping again.”

I don’t think she’s a bad person, but for some reason she seems to feel it’s okay to make her co-workers’ personal habits and lives part of her personal crusade. And she’s not the only one. I would say her behaviour is the norm rather than the exception.

I am not aggressively anti-religious but if someone questions me about religion, I don’t beat about the bush explaining why I think religion is what destroys societies and how whenever i hear someone talk about religion, I just want to go get hammered. This is probably why I have never got a sermon from anyone.

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