Here are some more cases of "India Shining"


A young, married couple, who chose to spend a relaxed Sunday evening at Bugle Rock Park, Basavanagudi, had a horrifying time after two policemen hurled filthy abuses at them, roughed them up, threatened them and took them to a police station.

Even more shocking about the intimidation was that Nisha and Vikram (names changed) were merely enjoying the evening breeze on a bench. The couple has been married for four years now.

In fact, they were chatting on their respective mobiles around 6.45 pm, when a plainclothes constable approached them and questioned them rudely. Asked if they’d done something wrong and whether he could prove his identity, the constable jeered at them: “Oh, you want to see my ID, I will show you now.” Then he pulled Vikram by his collar and roughed him up.

Later, a cop in uniform emerged and threatened to kill Vikram. His wife Nisha, a journalist with a national daily, said she would call higher police authorities for help. But they abused her too. When Vikram protested that they couldn’t treat her so rudely, the policemen said derisively: “Want to know how we treat you? Come to the station and you’ll know.”

The couple was taken to the Basavanagudi police station in a jeep. When the matter was brought to the notice of the higher-ups, the station in-charge apologized and sent the couple away. However, when the issue was being sorted out by the inspector, the policemen slunk away.

I fail to understand the logic of people I know and the articles I read day in day out about how well India is doing when above occurrences are common in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore. India Shining indeed.

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