India Shinning?

All those people who claim that India and it’s citizens are on their way to prosperity, here is a dose of reality :

A low-caste Indian man has been killed for shooing away cattle belonging to upper caste people in the western state of Madhya Pradesh, police say.

Kailash Bagri, 40, was beaten to death and his body was then burnt in the district of Dhar, about 290km (180 miles) from the state capital, Bhopal.

Police say Mr Bagri objected to oxen being tethered in front of his house.

He was then beaten for his “insolence”, say police, who have yet to make any arrests in the case.

The body of Mr Bagri was so badly burnt that police had been unable even to recover his bones, district police chief Chanchal Shekhar told the BBC.

Villagers were also threatened not to report the matter to anyone, but Mr Bagri’s son managed to slip out and report the matter to the police the next day.

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