Why? Please Explain To Me, Why?


Two Taliban rockets struck a forward operating base west of Kandahar Tuesday during a visit by Defence Minister Peter MacKay.

MacKay was conducting private meetings at Forward Operating Base Wilson, about 20 kilometres west of Kandahar city, when the attack occurred.

“I do not believe he was targeted,” Gen. Rick Hillier told reporters on Tuesday. “I think these are things that have occurred (coincidentally) in time and space. I think it is less dangerous now during any time we’ve been there for the last 18 months, for ranking Canadians to go out there and to move around in the vicinity.”

So, I guess it means that there is still some danger (even though we and the NATO has spent millions and millions of dollars) to the politicians and generals (and, hence, the Canadian soldiers). Okay, if there is danger then there is danger. Insurgency will continue for a while and we will continue fighting it back even though insurgents probably are smart and sophisticated as this bit tells us:

Bill Graveland, a reporter for The Canadian Press who was at the forward operating base with MacKay, told CTV Newsnet the attacks were likely spurred by the increase in helicopter activity at the base.

Military analyst Sunil Ram said the Taliban tend to keep a “very sharp eye” on the day-to-day activites of the troops.

“The minute they notice a change, it generally will trigger an attack. Albeit a rocket attack is incredibly inaccurate, and as a direct targetting of the minister, I think it’s unlikely,” Ram said on CTV Newsnet’s Mike Duffy Live.

But why do our politicians and high ranking officials insist on making absolute crappy statements like this :

Hillier said the attack is a sign of how desperate the Taliban have become since being pushed back by coalition forces.

“What was subjected to attack was one of our forward operating bases and that has been consistent because the Taliban have been driven back so they have to resort to long-distance attacks,” he said.

This is just a rehash of statements of Dick Cheney and President Bush

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