Is it just me or is the second season of Heroes going down the crapper?

One dimensional stories.

One dimensional characters.

No explanation of the close of last season (a few characters were supposed to have been dead. What the hell are they doing in season 2?)

Some characters have suddenly changed powers (excuse me but wasn’t Peter supposed to mimic others’ powers? What the hell is he doing with all these powers of his own?)

Heroes during season 1 was really strong. The build-up of characters and their related stories was handled quite well (even though I think they could have done a better job). However, the second season has become incredibly dull. I think the fault is with the stories. The episodes that I have watched so far seem to be going nowhere. Yesterday I was watching the Packers and Broncos game while watching Heroes (I would flip over to the game during commercials) and the story on Heroes got so boring that at one point I forgot to flip back from the game. That’s how interesting Heroes is now……NBC. Please fix it before the series dies a natural death in the second season.

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