Misplaced Priorities

Over the last year or so we, as other couples with children 6 years old or less, have been receiving $100 each month under the universal child care program. This was part of the $5 billion plan (for 5 years) laid out by the previous liberal government to create a country wide network of subsidised daycare facility something on similar layout as the one that exists in

Elections took place and the conservatives came to power who then looked at the plan for a full 2 minutes and gave it a deep-thought analysis while taking a piss and decided it was a bad idea. But since the legislation was already in place and the money allotted, the compassionate Tories decided to do what any government would do with extra cash. They decided to (create a new vote bank by buying the votes of young couples) give the money back to hard working young couples who would decide what to do with it. I mean the young parents could use the money to finance their gambling, alcoholism, smokes, debts, toys for kids, books for kids, etc. no questions asked.

Has this “gift” benefited the kids directly? No one knows and no one cares since the money is no longer is in control of a central authority, like a government commissioned committee. The parents could use the money to put the children to day care centres even though the $1200 a year would help finance the costs for day cares facility for exactly one and a half month (at $800/month for a good day care center).

Having dished the conservatives, I must say it is always nice to receive extra cash in our household. I had no complaints (although I did have a few misgivings) about that decision especially when the conservatives announced early last year that in addition to the Universal Child Care program, at least 125,000 child care spots will be created (in the form of subsidies to
businesses) in 5 years. ABRACADABRA!!! Problem solved.

In your face…..Liberals…..in your face.

That’s how you solve problems. Give sops to businesses and they will come through for families with flying colours regardless of how it affects their bottom lines.

Except….er….from a few days ago.

OTTAWA – A much-touted promise by the federal Conservatives to create 125,000 new child-care spaces may not be doable, suggests Social Development Minister Monte Solberg.

The Conservatives have been slammed by critics who say the government’s approach won’t create nearly that many spaces over five years. “We have to be realistic,” Solberg said Wednesday when asked if an election vow made 18 months ago can be kept.

He then firmly passed the buck to his provincial cousins.

“You know, the people who are the primary deliverers of child-care spaces are the provinces.

Ooooopsie!!! Oh well, the provinces can manage this problem. Isn’t that what these guys specialise in? Passing the buck?

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