Gays And The Right

Everyone in the right-wing arena (blogs, mainstream, talk show etc.) is up
in arms over the comments made by the Iranian president Mahmood Ahmadinejad
when he visited the US. He said that "there are no gays in Iran" which
everyone knows is a blatant lie.

Now the right wingers are rightly (excuse the pun) mocking this stupid
statement. But what's ironic is that the mocking is being done mostly by the
same people who virulently oppose pro-gay policies in the US!! Of course the
lives of gay people in US cannot be compared to gay people in, say, Saudi
Arabia, but since US is the one of the best "moral and peace loving"
society, it's funny that it's policies are the most anti-gay policies among
the western world.

The world of crapotopia of the right wing is truly a wonderful place!!

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