I Love/Hate This Band

Here is a band that built their reputation as a “peoples'” band. Here is a band which has millions and millions of dollars. Here is a band that still makes hit albums.

And yet they worry about not making money from albums released 2 and a half decades ago!! Its Napster all over again.


Harmonix confirmed back in July that the legendary rock band Metallica is coming to Rock Band (PS3 and Xbox 360). Also earlier this month both Red Octane and Activision came up with a similar announcement for Guitar Hero III that is scheduled to be released on Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

But what’s this? We just got word that Metallica is currently suing the above mentioned companies for copyright infringement. According to the band’s lawyer, what the three companies is planning to do is actually under the “licensed music to player” system otherwise known as LM2P network.

Harmonix wasn’t able to provide an initial statement regarding the matter but the counsel for Red Octane and Activision had this to say:

Our company paid a licensing fee to feature the track ‘One’ by Mein Guitar Hero III. We don’t understand why Metallica would turn around and sue us, unless they’ve gone from insane to completely bats*** insane since 2001, but we’re confident that the law and our contracts will be enough to have this thrown out.

What a lousy bunch of money grabbers!!! Now their songs are beginning to loose their meaning.

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