Harper’s Promises

How many times will Harper and his government disappoint his voters? Here is another let down by the conservatives.

The Tories announced a $900-million aid package for Canada’s defence and aerospace industry, with most of the money going to businesses in the politically key province of Quebec.

The money, to be spent over five years, will go to research and development under the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative, a repayable contribution program.

The surprise is not that the subsidies are being moved to Quebec. The surprise is (or is it really?) the fact that the Conservatives have renegaded on another election promise :

i) The Conservative Party favours reducing subsidies to for-profit businesses. We believe it will be possible to not only reduce, but eventually to eliminate subsidies to for-profit businesses by focusing on improving overall economic growth through facilitating competition, improving productivity, streamlining regulation and fostering innovation in concert with free and fair trade agreements.

And, yet again, politics takes the upper hand!!

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