Life On Mars

So, the question is, are we now going to find life in another planet?

Water flows on Mars.

In one image, a shining snake of light flows from a hidden spring into a crater’s depression, an orbiting camera aboard NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor catching sunlight reflected by the evaporating liquid. In another, a smear of ice grows mysteriously over a period of years, expanding like a slow-motion inkblot over the red planet’s parched landscape.

“If this was coming down the slope [toward you], you’d want to get out of the way,” said NASA’s Kenneth Edgett, a scientist with Malin Space Science Systems. “This is the squirting gun for water on Mars”

Picture_4_4 “We’ve found it,” said Michael Meyer, NASA’s lead scientist on their Mars Exploration Program. “Water seems to have flowed on the surface of today’s Mars.” Philip Christensen, a professor from Arizona State University in Tempe, added that the discovery would change NASA’s plans for Mars exploration, not to mention our understanding of the desert world itself.

I am an example of one of the most confused person on earth. I want to believe that there is life on other planets and at the same time the idea that life on Earth was begun only by a unique combination of ideal weather, ideal meteorite bombardment, ideal distance from the sun, idea placement in the galaxy, ideal this and ideal that, what were the chances that such an “ideal conditions” existed in another planet? Very, very slim.

However, if it is ultimately proven that life exists (in any form) or existed in Mars, then the possibility that it exists in some other form in another part of the universe will increase exponentially.

I want to believe!!

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