The U.S. Election

So. The democrats are back in power. Now we can expect major changes, major announcements, better management of social services, better management of the Iraq war, better……oh please. Give me a break.

A set of corrupt politicians have been replaced by politicians who have not raised their pinky finger in protest against the current administration. There are a few progressive democrats that have been chosen but I wonder how long would it take for them to conform to the system? “All The King’s Men” anyone?

I think the first 100 days in which the democrats have promised to raise the minimum wage rates, look at the whole immigration issue, implement a 9/11 commission’s recommendations and end subsidies for big oil, will show how much of a back bone do the democrats have. If they role over on any one of these issues, we will know the truth. In the meantime, nothing’s changed.

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