Ups And Downs

Just when I thought that the Harper government is become a little responsible (canceling the Income Trusts in Canada was an excellent idea), he goes and shows why he will probably be considered Bush’s stooge.

Today Harper canceled a key meeting with EU leaders over Kyoto agreements. The meeting had “admonish Canada” written all over it especially after the recent months have seen heightened awareness of the global warming problem, numerous reports/studies saying basically we are in deep, deep sh*t. After all these reports and PR campaigns what does the Harper government do? They introduce the Clean Air Act. A joke so horrendous that no one finds it funny. There are no caps in the act, no plan on how to help reduce the industrial waste, no plans for alternative energy sources, no R & D into better machineries. Nothing. Just an empty line saying that the greenhouse gases will be reduced by 50% in the year…..2050!!! 44 years from now!!! Is that’s how you give industry time to “adjust” to your plan? Absolute crap of
a plan and on top of that the government says that since we are doing such a bang up job in the environment circles, we don’t need Kyoto plan!! Ooooh boy. By now I know that this government needs to go out power now else we are finished. The problem is that the replacement party is no better.

So, all in all, we Canadians are in deep trouble unless we vote Green.

BTW, to all those who say that Kyoto is a dead treaty and Harper is doing the right thing by not pursuing it. Fine!!! Go to the meeting and explain why you think it is dead and try and convince others. But not attending the meeting by giving a flimsy excuse “I need to be in Canada because the house is in session and we are a minority government” is “diplomese” for I don’t know why I don’t like the treaty and I don’t have to explain it to you why I don’t.

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