They Have Agreed To Disagree…..

……..therefore there is no solution.

NDP Leader Jack Layton and Afghan President Hamid Karzai agreed to disagree on the role of Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

“Clearly he believes that the mission as it is currently constituted should continue and we have serious questions about it,” Layton said Saturday in Montreal.

However, Layton said Karzai agrees that military might alone isn’t enough to secure Afghanistan’s long-term stability, and any political solution to the country’s problems need to include Pakistan.

Okaaaaay, so what? Nothing happened. It’s a good sign that they have met but what will the conclusion to the mess be? Until and unless there is no clear definition of the role of Canadians in Afghanistan by the governments of the two there will continue to be confusion and, hence, more deaths of civilians and soldiers. I mean look at the offcial web site. This is the defined role of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan :

Canada is making important diplomatic, defence and development contributions to the stabilization and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Canada is in Afghanistan today to:

  • defend our national interests;
  • ensure Canadian leadership in world affairs; and
  • help Afghanistan rebuild.

So we are there for OUR needs and interests. Afghanis come third in the list even though we are in their coutry. I think this is stupid.

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