My Questions Of The Current Mid East Flare Up

OK. Can someone explain to me a few things about the latest flare up in the Mid East?

1. Why in god’s name did Harper not admonish Israel for killing Canadian citizens? Is it because their names do not end with Smith or Jones?

2. There is no general outrage in the public because of these deaths. I see the news of the deaths has now been relegated to page 4 (the lower right corner column) of Metro. Again because the names probably don’t end in Smith or Jones.

3. I am curious. Why are there 50, 000 Canadian living in Lebanon? I can imagine a few are there for summer holidays but 50,000!!! And as soon as the situation on the ground became perilous they decide they wanted to move back to Canada? What crap. This should be investigated further.

4. Why is Israel letting citizens of other countries to leave Lebanon? Are they planning some major ground offensive? For what purpose? They had to exit Gaza after 30 years of holding it (and paying a heavy human price for it), how will holding a country to hostage help their cause? I am confused with Israel’s motives at the moment.

5. Are we heading for another oil crisis? Iran might tighten the screws on it’s oil production (it will never ever join the current flare up actively) and there by shooting the price of oil through the roof (it’s almost there anyway). If that happens now (in a US election year) Republicans and the Labour party in UK are in for a drumming.

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